Briam Pham

Briam Pham

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Published: 04 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

It saddens my that I must resort to this kind of communicaton. But i have prayed about this and i feel that the truth about this young man should be told. I met Brian Pham through a mutal friend in December of 2013. Brian was working at People’s Car as an Independent living Services Trainer. We hit it off and began discussing my role as head coordiantor between the finance and development department and manages the gift processing and reporting systems. To make a long story short Brian Pham came aboard in January to begin assisting me with my duties in hope he could take the postion over and worked with us for about 4 years. Due to Brian’s exceptioal skills with the computer and his computer programming background, Brain was given a lot responsiblity very quickly and eventually was left unsupervised. About year three we noticed some anomilites in the processing of paperwork associated with the Special Olympics accounts payable functions and communication of such processes with Southern California Chapter Finance Department. At such time we performed a full audit to find the Brain Pham had been embezzeling From the Long Beach Chapter of the Special Olympics. As you can imagine we were all devestated and even a little embarrased. Brian was released in September of 2019 so we could do a full accounting of the damage. I have toiled over this for a couple of years and put it behind me until someone close to our organization brought my attention to this recent inforamtion about Brian. As i looked into it i see that Brian may have been up to his old ways. At this point I can only tell my story and warn to stay away from this young man.

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