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Brian C Morris Law

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Published: 23 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

First to start off I want to say I am an Honorable Air Force Iraq Veteran and nothing upsets me more than a thief. I hired Mr. Morris to repsent me in my uncontested divorce in the beginning of 2017. I was very impressed with his only staff member Christina, his legal aid. She spoke very highly of Mr. Morris, stating he was an honest Christian man etc.. I was foolish enough to believe Christina and hire him, paying nearly $2000.00 He took me on as a client knowing the FL Bar was investigating him and he was soon going to lose his license to practice in FL. He did not provide the services he promised and all he did for me was file the petition for dissolution of marriage, 2 pages, and have my ex served. They did not even pay the Sheriff’s Service fee which I later found out! It was nearly 3 months of calling his office to see the status of my divorce while Christina was contiunually making execuses for the lack of progess. I am very disappointed with the Florida Bar by how long they allowed Mr. Morris to continue operating when he had nearly 15 complaints filed to the bar against his lack of service and misappropriating funds. I did not find that out till after I realized I hired a lying thief and looked him up on the FL Bar’s website. His filed refelcted complaints filed against him ranging back to 2016!! I am pretty sure if any of the individuals at the top of the FL Bar were personally affected by a lying thief they would have expedited taking his FL license. The FL Bar investigator reached out to me but initially came off like this was not a big deal to him and he just needed his information to process the case. I asked him for Brian Morris’s law office address in NY which he would not give to me?! He showed very little lack of empathy or desire to help me get the money Mr. Morris stole from me. I am filing an appeal with the Hernando County Court House in FL and God willing the Judge will hold him accountable. I suggest anyone with claims under $5000.00 go on the hernando county website and get your appeal forms, you can do this!! The form has detailed instructions and you do not need a lawyer to take him to small claims court. His law office address in NY is: 2233 Nesconet Hwy, Suite 202, Lake Grove, NY, 11755. I think you have up to 10 years to file the claim, not sure just please don’t let him get away with this. You can do it! Take him to court and hold him accountable. He is using his loss of license as an execuse for not rendering services?! Not execusable when he knew perfectly well what he was doing taking us on, with no intention of being honorable.

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