Brian Jessel BMW Pre-Owned

Brian Jessel BMW Pre-Owned

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Published: 06 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On October 9th 2016. I was told and SOLD what I thought to be a 2014 Cadillac SRX AWD V6 by a sales rep from Brian Jessel used cars dealership in Vancouver B.C. Only to find out that the SUV that I drove off with a year ago was NOT a 4wheel drive but yet a standard 2 wheel drive! When I found out about this from the sales manager by the name of Susan Sydor of the Infiniti Langley dealership and the cost difference on paper compared to what I was sold and what I had in my posession, I was rather shaken to say the least. | I felt betrayed, taken adventage of, lied too, disgusted! to say the least. Then I could not help but wonder….”Is it because of my ignorace and lack of knowledge of cars, is it because I am a woman? all kinds of unsettling thoughts rampaged through my mind at this point. | When I walked in to Brian Jessel that day, I had made it very clear that I was looking for a bigger/safer car and that I was in the market for a used S.U.V., 4 wheel drive with low millage. So I was presented the Cadillac and fell in love with it instantly. It was everything that I wanted. It was clean, low millage and safer to drive than my convertable B.M.W. so I thought. | But to find out months later that my sense of well being had been jeopardized by driving this vehicle in our crappy vancouver weathr conditions not knowing that it was NOT a 4 wheel drive, made me sick to my stomach. Thank GOD! that we had a mild winter last year, the thought of driving this thing in the snow and bad weather conditions thinking that I was safe when in fact I WAS NOT! was sickening to say the least. | When I drove to Brian Jessel a few weeks back on a Sat. after I was told that my car is NOT a 4 wheel drive by another dealership and that they could not offer me the initial amount that they had offered me verbally based on what is on my legal and binding sales agreement was a kick to my stomach and my wallet. | When I get to Brian Jessel I am greeted by their senior sales manager by the name of Steve Giesbrecht who not only treatee me like an idiot but pretty much shooed me out of his office stating that “This is a very busy sales day for us Mitra, therefoer I can not deal with this today, I will call you on Monday” he said. | He did in fact call me on Monday and when asked “What do you want from us?” I responded with “Give me the SUV ALL WHEEL drive that I have paid for! The one that is clearly listed on my legal and binding sales agreement” His response was: “I can’t do that Mitra! I don’t want to lose any money” My response: “I do not care about how much money you think you are going to lose, give me what I paid for and want! which is a Cadillac SRX ALL WHEEL DRIVE” His response was” NO! AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT MITRA! THEN TAKE ME TO COURT” | THAT IS THE EXTEND OF HIM ATTEMPTING TO RECTIFY my extremely stressfull situation. I feel like I was lied too, taken advantage of, and I feel bullied by B.J. B.M.W. and his staff. | All I want is my all wheel drive SUV. the one that is clearly stated on my P.O.S. agreement. This kind of behavior is outrageous, he knows that I am a single mom with not much extra money to throw around on legal fees which is why his ultimate response was….”take me to court” hoping that I would just disappear like so many others that have been bullied and taken advantage of by these guys before me and it has to STOP! | Women in my position should feel comfortable and safe walking in to a dealership like Brian Jessel knowing that they are going to be taken care of and NOT taken advantage of! All I want is my all wheel drive SUV specially with winter around the corner. And now I am stuck with a car that I do not feel safe in and a dealership that has thrown me to the wolves.

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