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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I donated $200 to a GoFundMe page called “WeFundTheWall”. The page claimed they were collecting money to build a wall. They stated they had a contact in the Trump administaration and had a bill to be passed to make sure donations went to the wall. Brian Kolfage even used a private donation to the Washinton Monument as an example. He said if the goal (1 Billion) was not reached he would refund. Things got shady. Brian Kolfage removed the promise to refund and later sent us emails (many) asking us to switch our donation to his non-profit. He did NOT say what kind of non-profit it was, but I later found out he filed for a 501 C3. That type of non-profit allows HALF the money to be donated to a politician of his choice and has the least amount of acccountability. We also cannot write off our donations. I got even more angry when I asked Brian Kolfage on Twitter who was doing the construction, when was the building starting and he blocked me. I had given him our money! I saw other people offering him FREE construction help and complianing they were being ignored. My worst fears were confirmed when I googled him and found out he had done this many times before. He did many past GoFundMe pages with one thing in common: they had a LOT of donations, but no one even recieved the donations and they all said he pocketed the money. I clicked on the hashtag #BrianKolfage and it led to MANY complaints of other donors being blocked, questions ignored and more. Someone posted a link to his Instagram page and his wife (Ashley Kolfage) and this is what is featured: Expensive Vacations to Vegas, LA, Bahamas, Turkey and many other places Meals at restaurants Brian having an outdoor place to watch TV built Stays at 5 star hotels Private home rentals His wife shopping for things my wife said cost thousands Private plane trips (even to a wedding?) His expensive cars A custom boat A FREE House A custom build pool with slide and so much more I felt stupid for not seeing this earlier. I also saw links to Facebook and twitter messages. Brian Kolfage had been taking people’s money and also doing cyber terrorism. He had harassed an elderly lady with cancer and several other people. I came to the conclusion this is a person who uses his disability and his vet status to do whatever he wants. It seems that since he lost his legs, he feels bitter and like we all owe him. I asked for my money back through 5 emails, all were ignored. I did get several emails asking for MORE donation money and to ask my friends to donate and to spread the link. I went to one of his facebook pages to try and contact him. ALL my posts asking about a refund were ignored. I did take note that people were asking where to mail money to and they would respond with an address that was in Colorado. I asked why people were mailing checks to Colorado when he lives in Florida and I was blocked from posting on the page. I also noted my refund requests were deleted. I then tried using my wife Twitter and Facebook. I posted on Facebook and Twitter asking where I could mail a donation and was immediately contacted back with information to send Brian Kolfage more money. When I asked about a refund? I was instanly deleted and blocked again. GoFundTheWall and Brian Kolfage are one huge scam. I reported them to every agency I can. They have NO way to keep their promise to build a wall. They do not have the resources, the money or even the legal right to build. I should have done my research. I just did not think a wounded vet would do this to people.

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