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Published: 07 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Brian Pummell, who also uses Spencer Pummell, or Pummell Construction, advertised on area Swap Shop in Bethany MO as being owner of TX construction company, wanting to establish here in MO. The name of LP Sundance company comes up as being owned by Brian Pummell on Goggle search. I contacted him, and he came up 8/5/14, I showed him 3 awnings I needed taken down, 2 tree limbs I needed down, as well as gutters taken down as was having house painted and small section of foundation I needed concret/cement on. He showed up with 2 other guys at 10 am on 8/6/14, in a car. He had no tools with him, used my 2 ladders, my 2 hammers, my brand new paint scraper as well as others. He himself only worked 10 minutes, 2 other guys did work, as Brian was on cell phone the rest of the time. One of the other guys sat on a bucket for an hour. They left for lunch at 12-1pm. By 2:30pm, Brian came and said had to leave, but would be back, as had 2 more hours work? They had not removed awnings, and had taken straps that were nailed to roof off, leaving 100 or more holes in my 4 year old roof shingles. He stated needed money for gas and to pay one of the guys. I gave him 100 dollar check. I awoke sick on 8/7/14m and texted him to not come, I did not want them here while I was gone. He came while I was at doctors with one of the guys. And then left and came back with both of the guys. He was not here when I left for doctors at 9:15am that morning. I have no idea why he came 2 times, and when he came with both guys on return trip that am, the awnings were slid out in 15 minutes, no bracket removed. He texted me that job was done…and they had wrong concrete so would be 2 more hours as they had to go get that. I told him to not do concrete/cement. And asked what was owed. Was told in text job was 400 dollars and had paid them 100, so only owed 300 more. Which I paid by check 3:30 that pm. He brought back my tools, and my paint scraper, brand new is covered in concrete. Cannot be used now at all. The straps that were to hang gutters with are not anywhere here, and it is raining and I have holes in my roof now. I had to pay someone else to take down the brackets, he didn’t get all of gutters down, the ones by ground were not even touched. He used my weedeater gas with additive in one guy’s chainsaw, without asking me if okay. And…while he was here on 8/7/14, he went into my garage and stole the lawnmower gas I had in 2 5 gallon gas cans…one can was full, the other 1/2 full. He put that in his car, so he could go see his probation officer in Andrew County MO. He told the other guys he had “bought the gas that was in the cans and was going to use it”, which was a lie. He has claimed I did not pay him, only paid him 30 dollars, that job was a 900 dollar job, 1000 dollar job, and a 800 dollar job…and that they were here 10 hours working. They were here little over 3 at most…and most of that time only one guy was working to begin with, and Brian was on cell phone 99% of time here. He also went to neighbors and talked to them about doing work, on my time he charged me for. And used all my tools as he has none of his own. He is not the owner of construction company in TX, has scammed people out of money for his “you pay me and drive the vehicle” business, and is on probation for 2 years, starting last fall. .

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