Brian Ritchey

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Brian Ritchey is scumbag and piece of crap

Brian Ritchey guy is a bottom-dweller. It is just a shame that he is an attorney and that too in Birmingham, Al. This scumbag of an attorney doesn’t have a heart or conscious and will sleep with his clients who can’t afford to pay him as a FEE. How low can an attorney get?
This bastard slept with Sara Barlow Price from Birmingham, AL, when she was fighting for custody of her 1-year-old daughter. The lady was going through some really tough time and all this scumbag wanted was to screw her. How could one take advantage of a mom who is fighting for custody of her child? How sick is that?
It is amazing that someone who is in the position of an attorney would stoop to such low levels and take advantage of a mother while holding her custody case over her head as an axe. Shame on you Brian Ritchey. Brian be assured that Karma is a bitch and will catch hold of you when you least expect her. Today you took advantage of a helpless mother while she was at the lowest tomorrow the same will happen to you when you are least expecting it.
People avoid this scumbag who calls himself an attorney but he is just rat-shit!

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  1. Noneyetta March 28, 2019

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