Brian Varallo CapCon Group LLC

Brian Varallo CapCon Group LLC

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Published: 17 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

September 2016 we accepted to conduct a worker compensation investigation in order to determine if the subject was in deed incapacitated or if it was a fraudulent claim. After a week of extensive work we had enough to prove that the subject was in deed comiting fraud and had a false claim. We provided a full report to His first in command office manager Brodie and she forwarded the claim to bBrian Varallo. Everything was perfect and they were please with our investigation which probably saved well over $500000 to Capcon Group / Brian Varallo owner of the company. | He contacted us and promised payment 30 days. 60 days, 90 days, 6 months… We filed suit in New Jersey and we win judgement by default. Brian put nothing under his name and has other company to move his money. As of March 16 , 2018 we still have not heard from the debt collector who is supposed to lien any money in any bank account. | We spent almost $2000 of our money plus the cost of filling claim in New Jersey. | This has been a nightmare and it seems that according to his office manager he does this to many investigators that work for them. He simply wont pay. The court took forever to get done and we are in the hole because of this : Sociopath. Do not conduct business with this man or any of his companies you will get screwed. We did everything perfect and saved the insurance company a boat load of money. He refused to give us the client names and do not answer our calls. This is a human piece of human waste.

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