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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought a house in Detroit in june 2012 for $39 000 through Bric investment with Mike Ford being their representative. I was made to believe that this house was renovated and ready for a tenant to move in which wasn’t the case. Their lawyer was Lara Williams and Sean Murray was also part of this sale deal. Upon settling the required funds I was referred to Sean Murray and his company New Orbit Funding who were managing the house. I got my rentals for the first 6 to 7 months as though the house was occupied yet it wasn’t. I was told by Denise one their employees then that the house was being renovated to which I was surprised, she promised to send pictures that never arrived. After 7 months I received no rent and everyone started avoiding me including Mike Ford. I did some phone calls and send emails to Mike but he never bothered to respond, I was hung to dry I tell you. My property management was transferred to Garner Properties and Management and to my surprise I was told that renovations to the tune of $10 000 were needed as the property was in a mess. I had no option but to pay for rehab. During all my ordeal I tried to contact Bric investment for clarification about my property but to no avail. I spoke to Gavin Robinson about my situation but he could not help me. I did sent an email to Bric communication department but never received even an acknowledgement of receipt from the company let alone an explanation of the situation. This company has treated me like nobody yet my money went into their coffers. I was forced to sell this property for $15 000 in 2014. This was a fraud by Bric investments. .

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