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Published: 18 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My family and I were tenants in a property managed by Brickleys for a 12 month period while we closed on our home. During this timeframe, we paid our rent early (even won a gift certificate for a promotion Brickleys was having, for paying early), took care of the rental home, even added grass to the unlandscaped back yard. Before we moved in to the home, we reported that the house was dirty and asked for the home to be cleaned before we moved in. Our request was ignored, so we cleaned the home ourselved before bringing our household items in. As soon as we moved in, we had problem after problem. The ceiling leaked, the dryer took 3 cycles to dry one load, the garage door stopped working one day and we were unable to pull our vehicles out of the garage to get to work. Each time, Brickleys sent New Mexico Maintenance, LLC to fix the problem. However, they either showed up to our rental home, but did not fix the problem, or did not fully fix the problem (example: repaired the leaking plumbing, but did not repair the discolored ceiling as a result of the leak.) Either way, THE OWNER OF THE PROPERTY WAS CHARGED FOR THESE REPAIRS. When we moved out, we cleaned the home and left it in great condition. I have attached pictures to this post that we took the day that we moved out. I am an experienced property manager, and I understood that we would be charged for a few items. There was a 6″ drywall repair that occurred as a result of our reclining chair hitting the wall. Also, after the whole moving process: packing, moving, cleaning…quite frankly, we were tired and did not rake the back yard. We fully expected to pay for these items, and for the cost of this to be taken out of our $1,295.00 security deposit. We were shocked, however, to recieve a final bill of over $2,000.00 from Brickleys and a note stating that we owed them $800. They provided pictures of the home, which included: a small thumbtack in the wall, 1 small glow-in-the-dark star that we must have forgotten to remove in our childrens room, and numerous close-up pictures of tiny smudges, or dirt in the crack of the windowsill that had not been wiped down to their satisfaction. There were also pictures of items that had been left at the home by the previous tenant. In fact, upon receipt of the notice, I visited their website and downloaded the pictures of the home that we had rented. Those items were still pictured, as shown in the photos of the home advertised for rent. We were charged over $2000.00 to fix these! I contacted Brickleys and informed them that there must have been some mistake. A security deposit is supposed to be retained for DAMAGES outside of normal wear and tear. I detailed what we agreed to pay for, and what we would not. We refused to pay for normal wear and tear, trash removal of items that were there when we moved in, and for issues that arose during our tenancy (one of the pictures they provided us was of the discolored ceiling that had leaked and had never been fixed.) Brickleys refused to refund our security deposit. We will file a civil complaint in metro court to recover our deposit. Being in the property management industry, I have come in to contact with other owners who have been charged exorbitant charges for repairs to their properties, and one other tenant whose security deposit was retained unlawfully by Brickleys. We are interested in speaking with other tenants and/or owners who have had this same problem. We are under the impression that this is something that Brickleys Property Solutions does as a normal practice. Please respond to this post via the rubuttal link if you would like to provide us with information to help our case, would like to file a civil complaint against Brickleys yourself, or if you would like more information. Thank you.

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