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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Crystal

I went to this place to get my wedding dress. This place sucks. The whole experience sucked. You’d have to do everything by yourself. I had to get help every time for zipping up the dress I was trying out. The staff doesn’t show any interest in choosing a dress for you and you end up doing all the hard work. Also, don’t go there for a white dress. They might have a few in the collection but they are always out. I didn’t see any wedding dress there which I can try on. When I finally found a dress I liked, which was a little bigger than my size, I told them about the alterations I’d need. The problem arose when we started discussing the seamstress. They don’t have any seamstresses in there. All they have is a bunch of recommendations. And just like the staff of the place, the seamstresses are rude and cold too. The receptionist, the helpers, no one really helps you out. Being a bride is already an exhaustive task. I was already under a lot of stress. And these people just worsened everything. I had actually thought this place was okay. After all, it seemed nice from outside. And it has an amazing rating of around 4.7 something stars on different review sites. So I was hoping to get a pleasant experience here. The end result was quite different from what I expected. I now know that you should never trust those online reviews.

Even after I had paid for the dress, the staff didn’t really help me in any way. Just like the time I was trying on the dress, I had to ‘ask’ them to help me every time. And my experience with the seamstress was pathetic. She was so rude and cold, she didn’t help me at all. The alterations I had demanded, weren’t done properly. They just did things their own way. A wedding dress is a valuable possession, people. I was really excited about it. And they just destroyed all that excitement. It was the worst thing about my wedding. The seamstress didn’t really understand what I wanted. This was a tiresome experience because I really didn’t like explaining the same thing all over again. She then kept saying “I don’t know what you want” and “do as you wish”, as if I was being a headache. The entire experience was painful. The staff of Bridal Closet doesn’t seem to understand the problems of the customers and it also seems that don’t even like to put any effort into serving their customers. The staff is very rude and doesn’t help you in any process. They don’t have any seamstresses and the ones they recommend don’t know anything about bridal dresses. If you still want to go Bridal Closet because of the hype, please do. But I would suggest going someplace else. They can cause you severe migraines as they did to me. And I assure you that you don’t want that.

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