Bridges at north creek

Bridges at north creek

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Published: 13 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The Bridges at north creek advertise themselfs and the property as a lavish environment in which to live. The reality is very much the opposite. More than half the buildings wreek and I mean so bad, that you can smell it before you get within 100 ft of the building, of Indian based foods, and not the plesant ones, the stinky ones, the ones that smell so bad, they actually stain the walls. The only way to get you to understand it, would be to take you to india and let you stand in one of the waste food bins behind a not so reputable eatery. The other buildings either smell like baby s**t or are crappily repainted with runs in the paint on the doors and all. Most of the tenants leave leaky garbage bags outside their doors which results in dried garbage water stains in every single hallway in the entire complex along with that wonderfull smell of old garbage. The paint has begun to peal off many of the hallway floors. There is no guest parking what so ever, people allow their dogs to s**t everywhere and they do not pick it up, I was a personal wittness to this. The management attempts to intimidate outsiders or individuals they don’t like by calling them and threatening them. If you check up on their alibiy that they do this to “all solicitors” you will find very quickly that not a single other company in Seattle, Snohomish, Bothell or King county has ever gotten a single call from this place telling them they are not welcome there. Not a single one. By calling me, threatening me and only me and no other business this complex and its management and its holding company have directly broken washington state law and have descriminated against my civil rights as a business owner.

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