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They are just scamming patients.

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Published: 14 July 2019

Posted by: Rachel

I myself have gone through quite a bit of dental work with them and their service is just pathetic. The staff and the doctor are very unprofessional. And lets not get into their skills because its utter rubbish. Very substandard and low quality service. Also they have been charging patients thrice the co pay that they normally would have to pay. They are doing this by charging the insurance companies higher than the normal rate. When insurance is rejecting their claims they are charging the patients the rest of the amount even when the patient does not have a co pay and is completely covered. They are saying that the insurance company rejected the claim but actually not the for standard basic root canal service if they charge $ 4000 to $ 6000 then insurance is definitely not going to pay so much. After I got into trouble, I called my insurance to find out if it was paid or not. I was informed that the claim was paid and I don’t have any liabilities.

Since then I have been constantly harassed by the employees of Bright Dental to pay the rest of the amount. Are you serious? Do they think I am a fool? Moreover I had to get so much of rework done due to their pathetic service which cost me more. They are just pathetic scamming people for money. I would advice everyone to be careful and not use the services of Bright Dental. I don’t have co pay liability then why should I pay? The insurance company will definitely reject the claims as a basic root canal does not cost so high as $ 4000. This is just insane. They are not providing dental service but running a dental scam.

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