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Bright Kawasaki

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Published: 14 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I see things haven’t changed in a year. I too almost got ripped here. Here is what happened. My wife, kids and I went here on a Saturday in January 2007. I was looking for information on 4 wheelers for my daughter, and possibly a price on a Raptor-90. I told the man I was only looking right now, as there is snow on the ground and I am not quite ready. As we talked, I simply asked what happened to the Yamaha Virago. I know the discontinued them, but what replaced them. He showed me a Suzuki Boulevard. It was nice, it was fancy, it was expensive. I was ready 10 years ago for a street bike, I told him, but nowadays I feel a little uneasy buying one…with kids and all. Off-road seems much safer to me. Especially on 4-wheels. I thanked him for his time and started to walk away, to round up my family and leave. He told me that the bike sells for about $8K. But he would sell it to me for $99 a month. I told him NO. He would throw in two helmets, two gloves, and a leather jacket for me. NO thanks I said. How about $89 a month? I asked, “how many months”. 60 months. That adds up to $5340. I said that was a good deal and he assured me I was crazy not to take it. They pushed the bike out of the store, and I saw damage on the fender from hitting a wall or another bike. I thought for the price, I would live with it. I really didn’t want this bike, but again…for the price. Also, THEY DON’T ALLOW TEST DRIVES. YOU BUY IT WITHOUT KNOWING IF YOU EVEN LIKE THE WAY IT FEELS. THEY DON’T EVEN START IT. Through out the course of 45 minutes, he took my information, assured me 5 more times that it was $89 for 60 months, and divided me and my wife up, so we could not talk about it. Once she picked her helmet out, they made her and the kids sit in the van and locked them out of the store. Now they want me to sign papers. I am having that feeling that something is wrong. I asked about resale, they said it was excellent. They want me to sign a no cooling off period paper. A delivery today paper. The transfer title paper. Then the LOAN PAPEARS. I looked at this closely. It says $9800. How is this possible I ask. You said you wanted $89 a month, you got it. You said you wanted 60 payments, you got AT LEAST 60 MONTHS, with a balloon at the end. I was ticked. I now noticed that my wife is locked out of the store. I go out to the parking lot and tell her what happened. She said they wouldn’t give us the jacket either, and only one pair of gloves. I took in both helmets, and the gloves. Told them they tried to rip me off. They had about 7 guys surround me and try to intimidate me into signing the papers. The bike is loaded up already, they told me. I owe them for all the work they did to get me the bike. They insulted me about my credit rating. I left, and am telling all who will listen about this. Once I got home, I looked on trader online and ebay. The bike sells for $4500 with only 1000 – 3000 miles on it. Great resale – another lie. I have since heard of another case of this. This person actually bought the bike by intimidation. C Trenton, MichiganU.S.A.

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