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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I found this site and was interested to see how many other people had been treated like my Husband and I were by this company, to my shock, there were only two other reports ( but not many people know about this website I’m sure). Of the two other reports I can relate to both of them, my husband found a bike online he liked on their website and they said they’d bring it out to us to look at. Well being young and inexperienced in all things business, when they brought out the wrong size and color bike, we should have told them to go back to where they came from but we didn’t and that was mistake number 1. Mistake number 2 was buying that wrong size and color bike, oh and ALSO “oops forgot the helmet and gloves”. Next my husband needs a riding buddy so his cousin decides to get a bike too, but he makes sure its the size and color he wants, well he needs a co-signer, (mistake 3) and Brightpowersports tells us that what we can do is co-sign for the loan and then when X amount of payments are made we get taken off the loan and our name isn’t even on the bike, no problem. Well as everyone on here knows, you don’t get taken off anything, and not only were we not taken off anything but his cousin’s name was never even put on the bike, it was in my husbands name. When we called to get it worked out we were tossed around person to person and told by one individual that the person we wanted to speak with ( I think his name was Scotty) was sleeping. Then I was told by the owner that I was just mad that my husband bought a bike. Had I known what I know how I would have filed a lawsuit against them. Luckilly for us my husbands cousin was responsible and always made the payment and it ended up really helping our credit in the long run. It’s been 5 years since then, we are no longer young and dumb, but I’m just as mad about it today as I was then. I’ve delt with alot of people, done alot of business transactions, bought houses, sold houses, bought cars, ran a business, and I’ve never had a worse experience than I did with Bright Powersports. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere, just look on here at the employee response to the other complaint, they don’t even address the complaint because they know it’s how they run their fraudulant financing, I’ve never seen worse business practices. I hope with the economy in the tank that they lose as much money as possible, and for any employees working there now that werent before who are decent, I’m sorry but look elsewhere for employment, you’re working for a crook.

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