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Stay away from Brighter Image Lab if you want to keep your money safe

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Published: 11 August 2017

Posted by: Ricky G. Brink

Brighter Image Lab is a joke like you would not have seen before. These people are utter frauds, and I was one of their victims. Here’s some good warning for you right now: don’t go to them. You’ll not get what you need, and you will end up throwing away good money for no reason. They are geniuses when it comes to advertising, which is why they get so many people to fall for their tricks and lies. But don’t buy any of it for one moment.
I purchased veneers from Brighter Image Lab myself. I saw that they had a lot of videos on YouTube. I thought they were legit, and I thought I had done my research. But I was so very wrong. Bloggers and YouTubers who support these assholes have no morals. Their products are so expensive and they are all made in China. I wasn’t satisfied with what I had paid for. But these people don’t care about that, because customer care doesn’t exist for them. They wouldn’t exchange it or return my money to me. And they haven’t answered even one of my calls or emails. They won’t be willing to help you out at all. All that they want and care about is the money.

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