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Brinkley Davies Kangaroo Killer

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Published: 09 March 2019

Posted by: Kangaroo

Everyone knows Brinkley Davies is an internet deception. Her proclamations include being an environmental warrior but truth be told she is a liar, a thief and a fame-seeker. This is not just a personal opinion, I really dont have an opinion of a person like her, but from the many, many user blogs about her online. IGNORE the interviews set up for her by her manager. It’s greenwashing at its finest. Brinkley Davies, at the lack of mercy of her former Instagram followers, has been ousted as a deceptive and terrible human being. Among her many traits: a stealer of charitable donation money from volunteers of Keiko Conservation and the bullying of Hawaiian conservationist Natalie Parra, who suffers from a partially degenerative immune disorder. LEGIT. That is the Brinkley Davies the internet knows.

The latest thing? She drove her car so recklessly along the South Australian coastline that she crashed straight into a Kangaroo carrying a joey. She killed the mother. Before pulling the joey out of the pouch AND TAKING IT HOME, she found just enough time to get out her GoPro and start filming her “heroic” actions. She copped a lot of slack from her Instagram followers and went on a comment deleting spree before posting a photo and caption exempting herself from any wrong doing: “People hit kangaroos all the time.” Etc. She claimed it was an accident and that she is a safe driver. However, a Dirty Oz fan dug up some serious info about her before the OP sent it off to The Dirty – Brinkley has lost her licence before for the manner in which she drives. If thats not bad enough, THE NEXT DAY, she crashed her car into the ocean and leaked petrol through the SA coastline… WHILE THE BABY JOEY WAS IN THE CAR.

Check out this repost from Nik @

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so people are pissed at Brinkley Davies and I think this is the end of her. Shes meant to be some environmentalist but as previous posts on here show us and if her search history is correct she has done nothing but steal other peoples pictures and donations money to pay her own living expenses and win photography competitions. She bullied a girl with an auto immune disease and then tried to sick her social media followers on her too but it backfired. Now she has started a vlogging channel and her first video is about how she drove her car recklessly along a pristine beach, got it bogged and the car was swallowed up by the sea. Another petrol guzzler in the ocean. All while she is campaigning against oil rigging in the ocean, hahaha. Before they crashed their car into the sea, Brinkley and her boyfriend also crashed into a mama Kangaroo carrying a young joey and KILLED IT, documented how they “saved” the baby and she is now parading the joey around and calling herself a “Kangaroo mum.”

She is acting like some saint when she literally killed that kangaroo and instead of taking the baby to a wildlife carer she is keeping it for her youtube videos. She says it was an accident but the next day they crashed the car into the ocean. It shows they were taking no care with their driving. Her public search history also shows she once lost her license in 2013 sometime. The baby joey sleeps in a bag for crying out loud. Take it to a shelter! What kind of sicko is this person? Anything for views, followers. She seems so great on the outside but she is totally demented. And these brands like Patagonia, Reef, GoPro, Live Lokai and anyone else working with her is 100% complicit in her behavior if they dont cut ties. I’m done with the whole thing. She’s also naked all over the internet and even has a page where shes trying to become an actor, yet says she doesnt want celebrity, just wants to make a difference. Why try to be an actor then? Now shes tagging car companies in her posts hoping for a free car.

Get a job and buy one you scammer!

Your caught out Brinkley! Hopefully now she goes away.

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