Brisbane Mediations

Brisbane Mediations

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Published: 05 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I came across Brisbane Mediations when I was looking for someone to assist with a custody dispute with my partner over custody of our daughter. I rang Brisbane Mediations and spoke to a man called Mike Emerson. He was incredibly polite and confident and had no problem saying how great he was (and kept saying he used to be mayor of a large city) and that he would “definitely get me the result I was after” as he “used to be Brisbane’s top family lawyer and owned Emerson Family Law”. He quoted me $5000 for all the work which was very expensive but he guaranteed the result so I went ahead. Well, from the moment I paid the $5000 (which had to be paid upfront) he became the exact opposite of what he was up to that point. He didn’t do anything on time, he never returned calls or emails and it wasn’t until I started abusing his staff to get him to speak to me that he returned my call. I was shocked to be told on one call that he didn’t appreciate me abusing his staff and just because it was my time of the month that didn’t give me the right to get angry, Besides the horrible period remark the man seemed oblivious to the fact he had failed to return dozens of my calls! It was incredible but he already had my money so what could I do? The mediation eventually happened and he didn’t achieve anything he said he would! I wouldn’t have minded if he hadn’t promised me certain results but he did and he failed. I wasn’t going to worry about this man anymore as, quite frankly, it was worth the $5000 not to have to talk to him anymore but I then received a bill for a further $12 000 with no explanation whatsoever and when I refused to pay he sent debt collectors to my door at 10pm at night and rang and abused me on the phone several times. The man is completely off the planet. It wasn’t until I had my partner go in to his office and threaten him to leave me alone that he shrivelled away and left me alone. Like all bullies he is a coward who thought he could threaten a single mother and rip me off and get away with it. I just wanted to warn everyone not to believe a word this man says and DO NOT pay him any money upfront. Hopefully my experience can save someone else going through what I went through.

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