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Published: 25 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

If Bristol Who’s Who ever contacts you by phone letting you know that you are among a select group of people to be recoginized for your oustanding achievments…be very careful. They will cater to your ego and rip you off. Here is how they do it. First, they say your are an accomplished member of your college and have been nominated for acceptance inth Bristol Who’s Who. Supposedly a nationally recognized organiztion with prestigious memebers. Next they say they will have to interview you. The interview covers work experieinces, accomplishments, publications, etc. You interview, they take down key bits of information on you and proceed to put you on hold. After a few minutes on hold, they come back and congratualte you for your acceptance into Briston Who’s Who. Next they go over the benefits of being in such an elite group…and gives you the opportunity to network with other accomplished professionals. Now Britol’s Rip Off. You have to provide your credit card number in order to secure life membership in this group. Don’t do it! Once you become a life member, all you will get is a 5 page summary of what they gathered on you in the phone interview. The funds they withdraw are immediate and permanent–close to $1,000. There is no cancellation policy, no refunds, and in 2 days, you’ll have buyer’s remores. 30 days later, Bristol will be calling you again trying to sell you a self marketing package for another $900. This is after you have been assured that the Lifetime payment was the only charge that you would have for thier esrvices. So how do you get your money back? Bristol will not refund you…they will not return your calls…but there is a way you can get you money back and Bristol cannot do anything about it…short of closing down their operations and resurfacing under antoher name. Here is what to do… Contact your bank or credit card company and tell them you have been a victum of fraud and dispute the charges. They will ask you how did Bristol get your credit card information. You just tell the truth. You gave it to Bristol…thinking you would have an opportunity to look things over before going final on your decision to join. Bristol never indicated there was NO grace period for you purchase. You bank or credit card company will be glad to assist you because Bristol Who’s Who’s website in not set up according to acceptable bank conditions. What are those conditions??? Bristol’s terms and conditions when it comes to memberships have to be on the first page… If terms and conditions of membership are not on the first page, banks consider this “a deceptive paractice” and will refund your charge and go after Bristol. There is one inconvenience you will have to endure in getting your money back. Small price to pay for getting a refund of close to $1,000. Let the bank cancel your credit card immediately and issue you another one. It takes about 7 – 10 days. If you need immediate access to your money, go to the bank and get a temporary card until the replacement arrives. Letting banks cancel your card does three things. First, it allows you to get your money back almost immediately. Second, it ensures no future charges will occur from Bristol Who’s Who, and third, it will prevent Bristol from being able to state that “you approved the charge over the phone.” And running your card again. They will say that they have you recorded approving the charges. Without canceling your card, Bristol may be able to “recharge your account legally.” They will say they provided you with written information on yourslef and access the thier network. So what if thier network is made up of “sub-marginal materials” and thier members are primarily suckers with $1,000 to spend trying to market themselves to other suckers who spent $1,000 trying to market themselves to other suckers who spent $1,000 trying to market themselves to….okay you get it. I hope this write-up helps. One more thing. Getting a refund has a shelf-life. The sooner you approach your bank or credit card company, the better. It did not cost me anything to provide these instructions…and if it helps just one person get a $1,000 refund…then writing this was well worth my time. I hate seeing hard working people (and obviously successful on many levels) continue to get ripped off!

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