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This is just a scam.

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Published: 14 July 2019

Posted by: Russell

Normally I don’t say bad about businesses but this was just seriously BAD. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone ever. First of all I was lured into their trap by a free office visit coupon. I was looking for a dentist and found it very lucrative at the moment and went for the visit. It seemed like a very good idea at the time. Then I understood the real deal. I received a Bill for $ 145 after 5 months. This is just Scam. Why was a there a coupon given for free office consultation if you are going to charge. It was just an office visit. I did not get any procedures done. I have health insurance that covers my dental as well and could have covered for the office visit but just because the bill was 5 months late now I have to pay for the expenses out of my own pocket. This is a big time fraud.

I called to the doctor’s office to enquire about the delay in sending the bill and why was it so late. So they told me that due to change in staffing the bill was delayed. Are you serious? Is this a joke? Its because of them that I have to pay $ 145 from my pocket. And what was the free coupon for if it’s actually not free. It was to lure patients. They are not at all professional. This is just bad marketing. They are scamming patients. I would never recommend it any one. This was unprofessional. I pay for my medical insurance so that I am covered and I don’t have to pay for medical expenses. But for these people I have pay extra which could have been covered by my insurance.

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