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Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.

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Published: 14 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In our efforts to deny that all time leads to the demise caused by the aging process, we scramble to buy anything with a connected promise of derailing those greys hairs from continuing to multiply. If we canu2019t find what we need to disallow the aging process on the outside of our bodies, we work to end our decline within our human shells by seeking edibles from the so-called u201cFountain of Youth.u201d When was the last time you didnu2019t have aging unconsciously reminding you that you need whatever because u201cu2026life is too shortu2026?u201d If you are a salesperson by profession, may I suggest that you consider selling products or services that promote helping with the process of aging because of its high revenue potential. Often the true ramifications of aging do not become a reality until one or both of your parents teaches you that growing old is inescapable. For many, that day arrives when you are forced to seek outside assistance in the form of what is hoped to be a safe alternative to living at home. A broken hip began my lessons of what could be behind closed doors at most rehabilitation centers/nursing homes, and assisted living institutions. I learned very quickly that rehabilitation centers are predominantly nursing homes, as my first walk down the hall created a vision of one lifeless body after the other seeming to want me to understand their sadness and feelings of entrapment. Some could only talk to me with their eyes, but somehow their messages touched me. I could only wonder why age caused individuals to become emotions in crumbled useless bodies. I soon learned that the physically catatonic state was not as natural a process of aging as I had been taught that it was. One of the aids of the rehabilitation center/nursing home felt the need to advise me upon my motheru2019s arrival that, u201cAt a certain point, all older people fall into a totally dependent almost unconscious state. I donu2019t want you to be shocked when the same thing happens to your mother. Donu2019t worry, you brought her to the right place, she will be very well taken care of.u201d The aid continued by explaining that once the patient falls into the not really knowing what is going on state of mind; their job becomes much easier. When seeking relief from the unwelcome reality speech being given by the aid of the rehabilitation center/nursing home, I became aware that my mother because of her age had been sent directly to the nursing home unit. As I looked into endless sets of crying eyes, I named the nursing home wing of the rehabilitation center/nursing home, the u201cHall of the Hopelessly Aging.u201d Growing up, I remembered visiting nursing homes, so I was not shocked to see the slumped bodies sitting in wheelchairs. What I didnu2019t understand then, that I possibly know today is that the catatonic appearing human beings are often being assisted into becoming blobs of contentment. Are we ignoring the fact that our parents are possibly being robbed of their dignity, lifeu2019s savings, and safety while we are being conned into thinking that we are offering them a chance to live their golden years in peaceful safe havens? Our communities are beginning to form a society of u201cpeople dumpers.u201d Are we dumping/killing our neighbors because they do not fit our description of what we consider to be useful additions to our society? What are we doing with the young people that are permanently paralyzed and in need of being in a rehabilitation centers/nursing homes for the rest of their lives? And, how about the parents that have a baby to forget when their lives become too busy to be involved in their childu2019s life? Then, we crown these activities with a blatant show of disrespect for our elders when we provide them with institutions of financial, mental, and physical abuse that acquire less attention than how animals are treated in shelters? Could we be teaching that no one needs to care about anyone and that killing your family member and/or friend is revered if it helps you better your present position in your community? There is nothing wrong with profits being made from assisting the elderly, etc., but what happened to offering them at least some of their rights according to the US Constitution. Allowing a retired hard worker and possibly mentor the chance to live with dignity and safety could possibly offer higher profits with limitless potential. As you consider the profits gained by questionable rehabilitation centers/nursing homes, and assisted living institutions, think about where you are going to be when you need older age appropriate assistance. You could look forward to being punished for not wanting to eat bugs in your food. Or, you could joyously picture yourself being abused into sleeping in your waste after being given a laxative against your will because you are told that all old people get constipated. Please, it is time to stop this almost legal elder abuse! We need to change the attitudes of the public officials and citizens to understand that abusing even those considered useless older people is worth working toward ending. We need to stand together in asking for a change in how vaguely the laws for the rights of the elderly are written and enforced. If we show that respect creates advantages for all, we will prove that violence and abuse are not the answers to success. If you have any ideas of organizations, individuals/government officials to ask for help; please help all that are aging to not have to face the abuse offered to our elders by those that rule many of the rehabilitation centers/nursing homes, and assisted living institutions.

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