Brookes & Co.Real estate

Brookes & Co.Real estate

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Published: 30 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was purchasing a condo through Brookes & Co. I asked for a clause saying that the sale was conditional on obtaining financing when making my deposit. This is a standard clause in virtually every real estate deal in North America when financing is involved, since you can never be sure what a bank will say and you do not want to lose your deposit based on that. One day I receive an email that they need to talk to me today. I told them times, but they could not fit it in. Two days later they finally call to say my deal is off unless I remove my financing clause. They gave me 24 hours. The owner, Mr Button, who claims to be an accountant, wrote and signed a letter saying I will have no problem getting a mortgage. They also gave me a pre-approval letter from a broker. I foolishly believed them and signed without the clause. Needless to say when time came for the mortgage and closing I had problems. Their assurances were worthless and I have problems with the US system because of my dual nationality. Irrespective, the numbers they suggested for the interest rates and reserves were way off what actually was required. Not even close. They were of no help and did not return my repeated emails. I tried talking to the developer, but he turned out to me of no help since he was a small-time operation that depended on hedge funds for his funding, so basically it was close on time (or a week late) or lose your deposit. Later I learnt that others had lost their deposits on Brookes & Co projects. If you raise this concern before signing, they may make claims that they will try to find another buyer to take your place, there is always some financing available, but there is no basis to that. THey just want your sale and could care less about their clients and them returning. They may claim that most of their clients are repeats, but am sure it is not true since they are always running seminars and expensive events and email campaigns to get people to buy their product.

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