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Suggested useless tests and Over Expensive billing

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I took my dog to Brookfield Veterinary Hospital which is located in Redmond, WA. I made an appointment with Dr. Chris. He suggested blood tests to check his thyroid and after that he constantly tried to sell me some weird shampoo which was from France. My dog had no issue with his skin/fur. He discussed thyroid for 3 minutes and shampoo from France for 10 minutes. He additionally gave me medicine for his thyroid. After seven days, my dog was drinking an intemperate amount of water, heading outside and peed a few times each night, hurled, was amazingly hot and gasping I checked, and these side effects were all indications of an excessive thyroid drug. He wasn’t feeling well, so I took him back to the hospital and complained about the excessive drug prescribed to him. The lady on the counter suggested me to I take him to the ER. He was not the slightest bit in an ER state, I disclosed to them that the dose of the drug does not appear to be correct and he was not having these manifestations until he began the medication they gave him. I likewise disclosed to them that I burned through all the original cash with them and to need to now go to the ER is truly not reasonable since he isn\’t in an emergency state. They refused to listen to me. In this way, to the greatest advantage of my dog; I took him to the ER. They needed to do this once more, not knowing his history; they exhorted x-rays, blood tests, and urinalysis, to which I concurred. The total cost was nothing short of a whopping $800. If Brookfield cared about their patients, I could have saved a lot of money by observing my dog since they had his history and just rearranged his medications. This was their shortcoming and now they won\’t treat him. To my outright doubt, following a few days of mail on my counter, I, at last, experienced it. There was a letter from the owner of the Hospital, Howard Robinson, expressing that I clearly didn\’t believe them as a vet and they can never again treat my dog. I didn’t purchase their shampoo and mentioned visiting another vet at the hospital so they won\’t see him now? I didn\’t appreciate Dr. Chris\’s lack of attention regarding why I brought him and the infomercial on shampoo from France. I had every right as a customer to demand an alternate vet. Likewise, the vet told me that I can come in whenever I want and get his drug, I went in and they disclosed to me they need 24 hours. In this way, I saw them once more – I surmise my spending a few hundred dollars in the hospital is an interview for them to check whether I will accept false upsell charges. I would state that it is. What\’s more, and the owner is correct, I don\’t confide in them – after my experience, no sensible individual would!

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