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Published: 28 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This school is a fraud! RUN! Clearly the below review about how wonderful it is and the staff were written by staff. I have to re-pay for and retake every credit done at Brooks Institute in order to have an B.A. that can be used to transfer to any universtiy and graduate program. They LIED abou thier accredidation. I am still paying laon payments for this so called B.A. they gave me, and am considered by FASFA to have a B.A., so I am not elligeable for any grants, even though i never recieved grants the first time. This is should be illegal, oh wait it is. There was a class action lawsuit with judgement granted against the school for unlawful, misleading, and omitting practices. I unfortunately, did not find out about this until recently. I applied to a masters program only to find out I don’t really have a B.A., and will have to start over. So not only can I not go to grad school, have to pay for the degree I can’t use, wasted 3 years getting it, I can not recieve grants to re-do my B.A. You will not be a fancy photography when you grauduate, they inflate jobs and income for such jobs. None of it is true. There is a very very small percent that may obtain such things, but for the majority, I howp you like coffee. You will be a barista until the day you die paying off your loans for a degree you can’t use and for jobs that do not exist. If you have a child or are yourself considering this school, PLEASE Don’t. It is not worth it. It is beautiful and fun sure. You can get the knowledge and skill set you seek other ways that won’t cost the same. Be an assistant, youtubem read, self teach, just do. Practice ask photographers, go to workshops, become an assistant and intern. You will learn what you need if you apply yourself and it won’t cost you thousands upon thousands to do it. You will also make the connection you need to get real work, unlike you will through Brooks, like they claim. .

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