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Published: 09 December 2019

Posted by: BanginBob

BIOS is the practice that reaps but never sews. On the surface, it seems like a great opportunity but once you’re on the inside you find out there’s nothing but long hours, meager salary, and empty promises. They tell you that if you do your time, put in your two years, you’re going to be rewarded. But it’s all false. After months of being worked around the clock at a salary that barely keeps food in front of your family, you find out that, no, you actually aren’t going to make partner. All the sleepless nights, leveraging to make ends meet, and keeping your mouth shut about what really goes on in the practice that no one is supposed to know about are not going to pay off. You’ve gone as far as you can go. And don’t even think about trying to leave the group. There’s a non-compete clause in your contract! Of course, there is! Doesn’t that just make sense. Why be competitive when you can have your cake and eat it too? With such a sad reputation, BIOS can only thrive by keeping the potential competition incapacitated. There’s no way to get ahead when you have a craftily worded contract that in the end only binds you! How very admirable BIOS is! Take advantage of someone’s desire to work hard for a better future and then use it to better their own futures! Stepping on people is one way to move up in the world. It’s just not so great when your one of the people that’s used as a step lining the way up the senior orthos stairway to paradise. For you, there’s nothing to look forward to but a long, hard, dead-end road.

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