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Published: 16 December 2018

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New leadership was brought to the Brown and Brown Metro – Florham Park, NJ office in 2012. Ty “Kutay” Beba and Benjamin (Ben) Barbieri have single handedly destroyed employee morale, employee lives, and a well running office. The former CEO had a motto, “No Big Mistakes,” but the new CEO and other leadership know what occurs at this office, and look the other way and otherwise allow it to continue. During the time of Ty and Ben’s arrival as Profit Center Leader and Sales Manager, approximately 50 employees have turned over, many from firings, and many from employees leaving due to the conditions, or other reasons. This represents approximately 50% of the office staff. The surprising fact of this is the number of employees terminated in protected classes (women and age 40+). Employees are terminated for one “official” reason, meanwhile, the true reason is one that is not permissable due to law. Most recently, an employee was terminated for contacting HR due to a racial slur being said. More interestingly, the company proudly uses EthicsPoint, meanwhile, the service is useless if local, regional, and corporate leadership disregard the submissions, or even look to find the employees submitting reports. It is disappointing that Ty and Ben lead by fear. People fear for their jobs and “follow the pack” or pay the price. It is a normal occurence for Ben to yell at an employee, carrier, or broker; sometimes in public, sometimes behind closed doors, but loud enough for many to hear. In summary, not only are Ty and Ben unprofessional, but to have their management style continue with the blessing of the parent company, is truly disheartening.

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