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Published: 03 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Brown Mazda routinely sends out fake contest notifications to get you into their store. When I arrived a sleezy car salesman told me that I didn’t want the prize and then high pressured me into a car sale. As I was in need of a new car I did look at a couple cars. This aggressive large african american man demanded that I buy the car and was relentless in high pressure sales tactics and guilt trips. He hounded me and took my car keys to get my car to be appraised for trade in then wouldn’t give them back since he insisted I buy the new car. I informed him I would only buy if it was a fair market value and that I wanted to see the Kelly Blue Book. After asking over 5 times to be allowed to use one of their computers to look up this information he said he’d get me the print out. He produced instead a false value which I discovered later to have been an inflated price by reporting new condition with no miles despite the car having 80,000 miles and some interior and exterior damage. During the test drive this @$$hole kept insisting that I buy him food too. (as if ripping me off wasn’t enough). He also promised me that they would detail the car and fix all the damage, including buffing out large exterior scratches and scuffs. Then he lied about my credit score saying I had ok credit but not good enough for a better rate. My credit is nearly 800 and he told me it was 600. I purchased the car at closing due to high presssure tactics. I immediately looked up the Kelly blue book to find out they had charged me $21,000 for a car that was valued at $17.000 in excellent condition at a dealer with low miles; which, obviously mine was not. Private sell value was $15,000 for reference. I took the car back the very next day due to this obscene rip off and bully high pressure tactics. The salesman was not longer there and I found out he was a “gun for hire” flown in from another state to move cars that weekend. The Manager said there was nothing he could do since I did not come back that same night (when they were closed?!) Having consigned to being scammed I took the car to the service department for the detail and repair promised. Had to fight tooth and nail to get them to agree even though it was in writing on the sales contract. So finally they said they would send it out to get the repairs. It came back with not one done. COMPLETE RIP OFF. Horrible company. Horrible customer service. I will tell everyone I meet until the day I die what a horrible company Brown Mazda is and I hope they lose everyone’s business as they deserve.

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