Brown Orthodontics

I strictly recommend against going to the hell house called Brown Orthodontics.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have a daughter who is 9 years old. Her teeth are not aligned properly which made it difficult for her to talk. I decided to get her teeth realigned and reshaped. After months of searching and sorting dental clinics, I decided to go for Brown Orthodontics as they seemed to be good and well managed. I forgot that looks can be deceptive too. At the time, I did not realize the huge mistake I was making. I scheduled an appointment for 4 P.M and reached the place by 3:30 with my daughter. Although the doctor was on time, he did not call us in immediately. He took his time to settle in and around 4:30, we went into his cabin.
While we were in the middle of discussing my daughter’s case, his phone rang and instead of silencing it or asking to be excused, he picked up his phone and started talking to his friend. We were waiting for him to finish his talk when all of a sudden he started using slangs while speaking. I could not believe my ears and had to cover my daughter’s ears. I was not expecting such an act of unprofessionalism, at least when a kid was present. He finished his phone call and returned to examining my daughter’s teeth. He said that it would need reshaping as well as braces to fully fix the teeth. After thinking it over in my head, I agreed and he told us to come next week for the procedure.
My daughter was scared as someone had told her that the procedure was going to be painful. I assured her by saying it will not hurt that much. When we went into the clinic, we had to wait in the lobby as the doctor was preparing for the procedure. After some time. We went in and the procedure started. While cleaning my daughter’s teeth, he pressed her front teeth too hard and she started crying, Instead of consoling her, he shouted at her to silence her. I sat by as he went on with the process. After reshaping the teeth, he went ahead and started putting on the braces after applying the adhesive on her teeth. While installing the braces, he hurt my baby’s gum and it started bleeding. My daughter started crying and I could not take it anymore. Somehow, I consoled her and convinced her that it would soon be over and we will go home. The doctor installed the braces correctly but did not join them properly using wires. On pointing this out, he rudely said that is the best he could do to a set of teeth like my daughter’s. I could not take it anymore. I took my daughter and rushed out of that inhuman place. The doctor had not installed the braces properly and I had to get it done at another clinic. I still curse myself for putting my child through that much pain and suffering.
Brown Orthodontics should be shut down and the doctors’ licenses should be seized. I had never seen such an incompetent and unprofessional doctor in my whole life.

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