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Published: 04 September 2017

Posted by: Martin S. Grammer

The debacle of home-based workers is they don’t know whom to trust. They don’t come across many opportunities. The rising number of scams hasn’t helped the cause either. They’ve a pretty hard time finding the right employers. The scam companies have raised the level of game. I wasn’t able to identify them and lost money. My name is Shaun and got tricked by Brown Staffing Services. I can completely understand the plight of individuals who got cheated in a similar manner.
Brown Staffing Services are an embarrassment to society. They wear many masks. All victim families and individuals I’ve met were intelligent and smart. In my opinion, these scam companies leverage the goodwill. They build their false claims on successful development made by big and reputed brands.
There is nothing smart about them. It would be naïve to say individuals like me have played a part in bringing the downfall. We trusted them thinking they belong to industry and have got something interesting to share. There was no way we could have anticipated it. They introduced themselves as professionals working in the field for last couple of years. We trusted them.
They contacted me on 21st March. Was I looking for second income source? I wasn’t. When Gary contacted me, I wasn’t looking to get myself into something new. He made a decent proposal. I decided to give it a shot. I thought I’d be able to help some friends or colleagues, if everything goes right.
I deposited the registration fee ($200). It was the end of story. I haven’t able to talk to Gary, since then. He vanished from the crime scene. It took me five days to understand what happened. They played a trick and ran away after taking money. This was the best possible explanation. Brown Staffing Services is a scam. They’re small-time crooks with big plans. I don’t know for how long they’ve been running this shit.
They sold me a bogus membership plan. I’m going to teach them a lesson. They’ve picked a wrong guy. I’ll raise my voice to share opinions and gather public support against them.
I tried calling them on 678-358-6165 and mailed them at [email protected] It’s funny how they make claims of people posting wrong reviews to cause damage. It’s nothing more than marketing strategy to win confidence. They should have responded to my calls and emails, if they’re really concerned about brand reputation.
I’ve got proof. I can make everything available to support my case. I’ve learnt these guys get hurt, every time someone writes something bad about them. That’s why they try to cover the shit by rejecting such claims. I’ll continue to write and talk against Brown Staffing Services. I won’t spare them.
I appeal to everyone to chase the scammers. I cannot say with certainty if we’d receive our money. We’d the satisfaction of knowing we stood against them and fought. I want to shame them publically.

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