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Published: 19 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Jan,11,2018 took my 1999 Audi A4 to Brown’s Ford to replace a leaking valve cover, check out a possible coolant leak, I also told them that I had notice corrosion around the coolant hoses at the oil cooler and a noise in the left front. Picked the car up late in the afternoon of 1/12/2012. According to the in voice they replaced both valve cover gaskets, the radiator and water pump, they also stated that all 4 control arms had loose ball joints.They wanted $1700.00 for the front end parts, I told them that I would supply the parts at a later date and they agreed to replace them when I got them. My bill came to $1526.82.Got home opened the hood and notice that all my engine covers were missing, went right back told the service manager and they fond them and installed them. The next morning noticed that I had no heat and the oil was leaking more than before, looked under the car noticed the lower engine cover was missing. Went back there told the service manager and he found it and had it installed. Set up an appointment to bring the car back in on 1/17/2012.When I dropped the car off I told them that since they worked on it I had no heat and smelled burning oil,I also wanted the old suspension parts back. They replaced the suspension parts with the parts that I gave them,found a leaking oil cooler and replaced it along with the oil pan gasket, they then called me and told me that they had burped the air out of the cooling system and the reason I had no heat was because of a plugged heater core and they replaced the cabin air filter for the burning smell. I told them not to replace the heater core. Picked up the car on 1/24/2018 they were resetting a check engine light for an o2 sensor my bill was $1402.92. Once I got the car home it was my day off and the weather was a little better I decided ti inspect their work, found my front fender and bumper cover all scratched up and greasy the engine compartment covered with spilled coolant, noticed that only one valve cover had been replace, the cabin air filter wasn’t new. I called them back up told then what I had found and that I wondering what other parts that they charged me for had they really replaced. The service manager came out looked at the car and agreed with me that at least the valve cover had not been replaced, he then assured me that they would make it right.The owner called and apologized for what had happened, they replaced the valve cover and called me down to show me that the other parts had been replaced and took care of the o2 sensor problem that the car didn’t have before the worked on it and buffed out all of the scratches. They also offered me free oil changes in the future. When I finally Got the car back I took care of the no heat issue, the heater core wasn’t plugged it was air in the system, the hot glued the battery cover that they broke,the ride height on the front of the car was too high from them tightening up all of the suspension parts while the car was up in the air, I also inspected the suspension parts they removed and only one ball joint was loose. Needless to say this was a big rip off by BROWN’S FORD, If I was ripped off by them how many more local people that don’t know anything about auto repair have gotten ripped off over the years.I was looking for a second vehicle there until this happened. I have now bought one from another local dealership. I will never let BROWN’S FORD touch my vehicles again.

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