Brown's Honda of Arlington, Va.

Brown's Honda of Arlington, Va.

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Published: 17 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Again, just like Bill Page Honda of Annandale, Va., this company (Honda franchise), IS corrupt. Your ‘safety’ is at stake here. Anyone knows if your auto is not running/operating safely, then it could KILL you with an unexpected accident (resulting). The situation is the same as (‘see’) Bill Page Honda posting on this cite. The ‘details’ are just a little different involving either damage directly and/or the ‘swapping’ of parts. I went to simply get some ‘standard’ repairs/service there, and the service mechanics put me thru ‘massive’ headaches as they did damage and/or ‘swapped’ (exchanged), for parts. During a simple oil change, they left the ‘splash guard’ (front/bottom) ‘loose’ from the bottom of the auto, and the mechanic tried to ‘say’ (he lied) they were not there to start which tells you right there that he ‘knew?’ they were not there when he ‘closed up/ officially ‘released’ the vehicle . The ‘head’ of the maintanance dept. had to ‘order’ him to put them back in after I had to crawl up under the car to find them missing. If this ‘panel’ had come any further ‘loose’ it would have definitely done MAJOR expensive damage. It was rediculous! Later, on another date, after leaving for the last time from this nightmarish place, the last ‘visit’, they clearly damaged (severely) the emergency break handle and or (it looked more like) they ‘swapped’ it out of the car for another. I course, you can not ‘prove’ all this (just like the ‘detailed’ info with the Bill Page Honda posting, but that is exactly what they depend on, don’t they.) This sort of thing has happened at so many places it’s rediculous. They (these businesses), when you try to approach them to correct this sort of thing, ‘maintain’ that it just could not have happened and do not want to ‘make-good’ the bad they have done. YOU are automatically the/a liar, and they insist that you pay out more to fix what they mess up, exhausting further, your TIME.

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