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Anthony Demarco / Dimarco / Gorcyca and the China Scam!

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Published: 12 May 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

The \”China Trade Commission\” has its website on two domains which were both registered on July 9, 2011 with identical information: and See: Domain Registration On their website and in numerous free press release, China Trade Commission claims to have been \”created in Hong Kong in 1996 during the Clinton Administration as the primary facilitator between East & West entrepreneurs needing vetted JV partners, funding, registration assistance, arbitration, and due diligence assistance.\” The further claim to be involved in an entire kaleidoscope of activity including, but not limited to, collecting money from debtors, maintaining various scammer databases and certifying various companies and charities and visa and immigration services. They charge $5,000 for a regular membership and $10,000 for a VIP membership. They offer some of their services to non-members on an ala carte for various fees.

However, there is no independent mention of the China Trade Commission on the internet except for a few news articles in late 2009 and 2010 stating that they put on some children\’s shows. CTC has circulated many free press releases, the bulk of which are in 2011 after their domain was registered, though there are a few in 2010 and 2009. Outside of their own free press releases, there is no record at all of the China Trade Commission offering any of the many services they claim to offer.

Posters on several forums including and have claimed that they have had dealings with CTC and that the China Trade Commission also has a website hosted on a .cn domain which has existed for 7 years, however, there is no record this on the internet and nobody has named it. Moreover, no poster has provided any evidence to validate their own personal recollections. In fact, all the posts appear to be made by the same person using multiple profiles as they all appear to act in unison. A moderator confirmed this when he posted here:
\”Scam Patrol\” \”Chuck_In_China,\” \”CTC-BEIJING,\” \”Peter Kwan,\” and \”YinYang\” have all been using the same IP: \”meaning they are all just one person, who should not be believed.\”
Anthony Dimarco/Demarco is the Executive Director of China Trade Commission. His name is spelled Anthony Dimarco and/or Anthony Demarco in many of the press releases. Anthony DiMarco is also known as Bruce A. Gorcyca Dimarco, Anthony Demarco, Bruce A. Gorcyca, and in various court documents, is documented to have used a multitude of aliases. See: MERIT BRIEF OF APPELLANT PROUSE, DASH & CROUCH LLP, IN THE SUPREME COURT OF OHIO, Case No. 06-0957
Appellees Bruce Anthony Gorcyca DiMarco (also known by no less than fifteen (15) aliases, including Bernie Schwartz, Albert Ash, Frank Negri, Robert Foley, Stuart Reynolds and virtually every combination of his 4 given names (Supplement 102-103, 191), but referred to herein as \”DiMarco\”) and Ji Hae Linda Yum (also known by numerous aliases, but referred to herein as \”Yum\”) resided in Ohio until they fled to Canada to avoid arrest.
See also: TOMMY ROBERTS and VICKEY ROBERTS v. (MBE) MERCHANTS BARTER EXCHANGE, a Delaware Corporation, STEVEN ROBERT BOLLES, MARTI BOLLES and DOMINIC NICK ROSSO aka a/k/a Stanton Stan Martin, Bruce A. Gorcya, Anthony DiMarco et al. United States of District Court, District of New Jersey, Case No. 06-5402 amended complaint

He is a convicted felon and served time in federal prison in the 1980s. See: S.E.C. Civil Suit Says Faxes About 12 Stocks Were False, New York Times and Man of Letters, Miami New Times

In 2001, the SEC issued a cease and desist order against Anthony DiMarco, also known as Bruce Gorcyca, and his company, The Globus Group for issuing false press releases and faxes to influence the price of stock. Ultimately they filed an administrative action and obtained a judgment.
See:Securities and Exchange Commission, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDING, File No. 3-10511, In the Matter of, TRANS-GLOBAL HOLDINGS, INC. and JACQUES VERHAAK
SEC News Digest, 2001-118, June 19, 2001 and SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION v. THE GLOBUS GROUP, INC., et. al, No. Civ. 99-CV-1968 (S.D. Fla.) and S.E.C. Civil Suit Says Faxes About 12 Stocks Were False, New York Times

In 1999 he was charged criminally for engaging in a \”pump and dump\” scam which involved sending out letters and faxes on Prudential stationary to influence the price of penny stocks. Upon hearing about the charges he fled to Canada.
See: USA v. Bruce Anthony Gorcyca, aka \”Anthony DiMarco,\” \”Tony Dimarco,\” Tony DeMarco and \”Tony D. Marco\”, filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, Case No. 08-CR-9 (FB) – Indictment

He was arrested by Canadian authorities for immigrations violations and fought extradition from Canada for seven years before being extradited to the United States to face the SEC charges in 2007. See: Supreme Court of Canada, Bruce Anthony Gorcyca aka Anthony Dimarco aka Tony Dimarco aka Tony Demarco aka Tony D. Marco aka Bruce Dimarco v. Minister of Justice, et al. and Miami Stock Touter Loses Bid to Block Extradition From Canada

He successfully had the charges dismissed without prejudice due to the government violating the \”Speedy Trial Act\”. See: order of dismissal The dismissal was stayed and Dimarco was ordered not to leave the country, however he returned to Canada before the U.S. could re-indict him which they did. See: Indictment, USA v. Bruce Anthony Gorcyca, aka \”Anthony DiMarco,\” \”Tony Dimarco,\” and \”Tony D. Marco\”, United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, Case No. 08-CR-9 (FB) From Canada, he moved to have the new charges dismissed however that motion was denied based on the fact that Dimarco was a fugitive. See: Order Denying Dismissal, USA v. Bruce Anthony Gorcyca, aka \”Anthony DiMarco,\” \”Tony Dimarco,\” and \”Tony D. Marco\”, filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, Case No. 08-CR-9 (FB). He remains a fugitive.

He was sued in Ohio by the Canadian law firm that represented him in several matters stemming from immigration charges, his extradition fight, and commercial matters for his wife\’s corporation Pacific Blue Productions for non-payment of over $250,000 Canadian dollars in legal fees. They won a judgment against him and attached his home in Palma, Ohio, which he had promised to them in payment of their fees. However, unbeknownst to them, he had fraudulent conveyed it to his wife to keep it away from potential SEC penalties and a potential child support judgment from his ex-wife. He appealed to the Ohio Court of Appeals. See: Prouse, Dash & Crouch, L.L.P. v. Dimarco, Ohio 8th District, Court of Appeals and the judgment was reversed. The law firm appealed that decision to the Supreme Court of Ohio, who reversed and sent it back to the appellant court. See: Prouse, Dash & Crouch, L.L.P. v. Dimarco, Ohio Supreme Court, MERIT BRIEF OF APPELLANT PROUSE, DASH & CROUCH LLP, IN THE SUPREME COURT OF OHIO, Case No. 06-0957, and State Supreme Court finds defendant an Ohio resident. The lower court judgment was affirmed as to Dimarco Prouse, Dash & Crouch, L.L.P., v. Dimarco, 175 Ohio App.3d 467, 2008-Ohio-919. The law firm foreclosed on Dimarco\’s house in Palma, Ohio in partial satisfaction of the judgement. See: Daily Legal News – Real Estate – Sheriff\’s Sales – Foreclosures – 443-09-006 – Prouse Dash & Crouch LLP, plaintiff vs. Bruce Anthony Gorcyca DiMarco, a.k.a. Tony DiMarco and Bruce Gorcyca, et al., defendants,

As can be seen, Anthony Dimarco/Bruce Gorcyca, is a man who has used a myriad of aliases and created a labyrinthine of litigation. He is a fugitive, a deadbeat debtor, a convicted felon, and a stock manipulator…and the Executive Director of the China Trade Commission!

Update: In response to this blog, the \”China Trade Commission\” has renamed their Executive Director \”Anthony S. Demarco\”, in attempt to somehow differentiate him. It\’s ironic, considering how many aliases this guy has used. They have retroactively deleted or revised many free press releases which contradict this \”new identity.\” Additionally, since many of their free press releases were first released, \”China Trade Commission\” changed their phone number from 86-10-82615180 to 86-10-8255-1482! Now, if this organization really existed with its alleged hundred thousand members and certified charities and businesses, changing its phone number would be a monumental decision, with huge ramifications and would be extremely expensive and inconvenient. Of course, in the case of a phantom organization, it just involves revising some online documents. Note that on the releases, \”China Trade Commission\” was unable to or forget to change the phone number. If you look at a list of their free press releases on, you can see that many have been revised: at the bottom, the \”Last Updated\” reads October __, 2011. They revised their free press releases on also however those do not contain a \”revised\” date. However, I kept the originals where his name is just \”Anthony Dimarco\” or \”Demarco.\” On some, the \”old\” telephone number still reads 86-10-82615180. I have posted links to some them below. Where the online version has been deleted or revised I have posted the original image. Other changes were made which are also indicated.

International Collections Soar Due To China Biz Boom And Struggling Western Businesses According To China Trade Commission Statistics
CTC also deleted \”It\’s first U.S. delegate\”. The snapshot of the original press release is posted below: (image 9)
Chinese Debt Collection No Longer Mission Impossible – Pay Up or Lose Face – China Trade Commission
CTC Partners with Strategic Recourse Group to Provide Free Interviews Skills Seminar in Beijing
The snapshot of the original press release is posted below: (images 3 & 4)
China Trade Commissions reaches new milestone – 100,000 members world-wide!
The screenshot of the original press release is posted below: (images 5 & 6)
China Trade Commission Co-Sponsors \”Project Creativity\” for Beijing Kids
The screenshot of the original press release is posted below: (image 7)
China Trade Commission Announces Annual Election Results – DeMarco, Sinclair, & Xue win another term
The screenshot of the original press release is posted below (image 8)

Hundreds Marvel At New Green Inventions On Display At China Trade Commission Technology Symposium In Beijing
\”…their ventures should be quite lucrative\” remarked DiMarco who has been with the CTC since 1996.\”
(CTC deleted this press release, a screenshot can be found at the bottom of the blog, image 1)
International Collection Soar Due To China Biz Boom According to China Trade Commission Report
\”According to CTC director Anthony DiMarco …\”
China Trade Commission Increases International Collections By 12% As International Debts Soar
\”According to CTC director Anthony DiMarco …\”
(CTC revised this press release, a screenshot of the original can be found at the bottom of this blog, image 16)

Here\’s a news article Santa Claus making a stop in Beijing, by Huang Lan ( on December 15, 2010 about a Santa show which features \”Anthony Dimarco\” himself, well he is the China Trade Commission after all, and he can\’t just revise it since he does not control the content.
The Meet Santa Claus event is launched by China Trade Commission, a non-profit organization staffed by bilingual business development executives from around the world. It is also bringing a creative interactive show for children by Drama Rainbow, a performing arts education school in the UK.
What\’s wrong with this picture? Well several things. Note that the \”China Trade Commission\” is referred to as \”a non-profit organization\” and then 6 months later it\’s suddenly for profit? Despite China Trade Commission\’s recent insistence that their Executive Director\’s name is \”Anthony S. Demarco\”, the person in the video is clearly identified as \”Anthony DiMarco\”, U.S. Delegate to the China Commission.\” Drama Rainbow is involved and you will soon see the significance of that. In fact, I believe that they were the organization that put on all the children\’s shows, the China Trade Commission just jumped on the sleigh.

There is much evidence that Anthony Dimarco, Tony Demarco and Bruce Gorcyca are all the same person and that person is the Executive Director of the China Trade Commission. Many reputable sources, including the bulk of the links already cited, list Bruce Gorcyca as an alias for Anthony Dimarco. Let\’s revisit just a few of them:

Supreme Court of Canada, Bruce Anthony Gorcyca aka Anthony Dimarco aka Tony Dimarco aka Tony Demarco aka Tony D. Marco aka Bruce Dimarco v. Minister of Justice, et al.

Daily Legal News – Real Estate – Sheriff\’s Sales – Foreclosures – 443-09-006 – Prouse Dash & Crouch LLP, plaintiff vs. Bruce Anthony Gorcyca DiMarco, a.k.a. Tony DiMarco and Bruce Gorcyca, et al., defendants,

S.E.C. Civil Suit Says Faxes About 12 Stocks Were False –
\”Mr. DiMarco, who used to be known as Bruce Gorcyca, is a former Internal Revenue Service agent who served more than three years in prison in the 1980\’s after pleading guilty to bribing a public official and making fraudulent statements to the I.R.S.\”
Now here is a link Bruce Gorcyca\’s Author Profile: Bruce A Gorcyca
Bruce Gorcyca holds degrees from Inter American University in business administration, political science, and public administration. He is a veteran of the U.S. Coast [Guard] and former Fortune 500 executive and former U.S. Delegate to the China Trade Commission. A native of Parma, Ohio he is the founder and current chairman of the Veteran Organ Donors International organization, and is currently employed as an international business consultant.
Anthony Dimarco\’s resume was posted online at this link: \”\” however, since this blog was posted it has since been removed, hmmmmm? You can see a screen shot at the bottom of this blog and a pdf version can be downloaded here. A copy of it is still in Google\’s cache, however, that will not last forever: Anthony Dimarco\’s resume
姓名: Anthony DiMarco
2004 – 2006
Investor Services International, Inc
117 Lakeshore Road East – Suite 339
Mississauga, Ontario L5G-4T6
Tel: 905-891-8191

2000 – 2004
Oxford English Academy
940 The East Mall
Toronto, Ontario
Tel: 647-295-4647

1996 – 1999
China Trade Commission
75 Nathan Street Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-8191-1875
U.S. Delegate

1988 – 1990
U.S. Treasury Department
Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division
51 S.W. 1st Avenue
Miami, Florida 33130

1980 – 1984
United States Coast Guard
San Juan, Puerto Rico

UPDATE: Currently and for the last seven months I have been the Director of the English Club at Renmin University which has 275 active members that meets twice weekly. This informal environment teaches social skills, western business and social etiquette, as well as advanced conversational English to university students.
The resume belongs to Anthony DiMarco as it can be tied to the man through a intricate layers of links which completely mock potential coincidences. Moreover, \”somebody\” has already \”deleted\” the resume and has altered and deleted certain free press releases which tie the resume to Dimarco, which shows consciousness of guilt.

This \”China in Focus\” article written by Jessica Schwartz on June 15, 2011 confirms that Anthony Demarco runs an English Club at Renmin University. Students Learn English Beyond the Classroom

Note that the phone number listed on Dimarco resume for Investor Services International, Inc., 905-891-8191, is also used by Pacific Blue Productions.
Name: Pacific Blue Productions
Address: 610 Kedleston Way
City: Mississauga
Province: Ontario, CA
Postal Code: L5H 1Y5
Telephone: (905) 891-8191
Pacific Blue Productions was in Dimarco\’s wife\’s Linda Dimarco\’s (aka Ji Hae Linda Yum) name as court records show, further evidence that Anthony Demarco and Anthony Dimarco and Bruce Gorcyca are the same.
See: Prouse, Dash & Crouch, L.L.P. v. Dimarco, Ohio 8th District, Court of Appeals
Upon the request of Bruce and Linda, Prouse agreed to represent appellants in a number of other matters, including a breach of recognizance charge, an immigration bail hearing, the extradition hearing, a habeus corpus application, and intellectual property and commercial projects for Linda\’s corporation, Pacific Blue Productions (Pacific Blue).
In this February 16, 2005 free press release, Bruce A. Gorcyca, is advertising his kidney for donation.
Bruce A. Gorcyca (Donor)
610 Kedleston Way
Mississauga, Ontario L5H-1Y5
Tel: 647-295-4647
The press release contains the same address as Pacific Blue Productions and same phone number as Oxford English Academy which is listed on Dimarco\’s resume.

Here is another free press release: VETERANS GROUP DEMANDS IRAQ WAR CRIMES INVESTIGATION put out by Veteran Organ Donors International.
Bruce A. Gorcyca
Veteran Organ Donors International
117 Lakeshore Road East – Suite 339
Toronto, Ontario L5G-4T6

VODI Chairman Bruce Gorcyca is a native of Parma, Ohio and holds his bachelors degrees in Business Administration, Political Science, and Public Administration. He is a former U.S. federal agent and Fortune 500 executive (Carrier). He enlisted during the Vietnam War and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard. He is married with two children.
The press release has the same address as \”Investor Services International, Inc.\” listed on Dimarco\’s resume.

Here is another free press release The Bruce Gorcyca Saga finally ends with dismissal of charges by Federal Judge Weinstein by the \”Americans For Truth & Justice\” which indicates that federal charges against \”long-time government whistle blower Bruce Gorcyca\” were dismissed by U.S. Senior Judge Jack B. Weinstein in case no. CR-07-608-JBW on December 19, 2007. Well that is a half truth at best. The dismissal did not dispose of the case. The government simply refiled the charges and Gorcyca fled to Canada. Moreover, the judge\’s dismissal order did give a reason for his ruling, the government\’s violation of the Speedy Trial Act. There was no references to the numerous allegations in the free press release. However, this provides more confirmation that Bruce Gorcyca is Anthony Dimarco.

So who are the \”Americans for Truth & Justice\”? Well look at their contact information:
Contact Details: Roger Griffin, Chairman
Americans For Truth & Justice
1650 Riverway Drive
Houston, Texas 77056
Tel/Fax: 713-456-2588
EM: [email protected]
Houston, Texas 77056
So let\’s see what other free press release were released with that contact information. Dormant oil well brought back to life in nine hours with new HSO technology designed for warfare was released by \”Green Energy Reports\”. Different address but same phone number:
Issued By : Green Energy Reports
Phone : 713-456-2588
Fax : 713-456-2588
Address : 4800 Woodway Drive
Zip : 70056
City/Town : Houston
State/Province : Texas
We\’ll soon see, Hobson Secondary Oil Group of Nevada is one of Anthony Dimarco\’s projects and that would show that Anthony DiMarco is behind both Americans For Truth & Justice and Green Energy Reports. It also tells you that Anthony DiMarco has a gift for hyperbole and is adept at manipulation and subterfuge.

Both of these individual\’s own resumes, profiles, free press releases, court records and independent reputable news accounts indicate that Anthony Dimarco and Bruce Gorcyca are both:

1. U.S. Coast Guard veteran;
2. Former IRS investigator/federal investigator;
3. Former U.S. delegate to the \”China Trade Commission;\”
4. From Parma, Ohio.

That\’s just too many coincidences. The evidence is clear that Anthony Dimarco, Anthony Demarco and Bruce Gorcyca are the same person and that person is the Executive Director of the China Trade Commission and a convicted felon, fugitive from justice, stock manipulator and a deadbeat debtor. But there\’s even more! For brevity\’s sake, we will simply refer to him as Dimarco.

Let\’s look more closely at that resume:
1996 – 1999
China Trade Commission
75 Nathan Street
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-8191-1875
Position: U.S. Delegate

Duties: Represented the business and global expansion interests of Some 750 U.S. owned businesses who needed expansion facilitation into China and other Asian markets. Provided JV consulting and arbitration/dispute resolution services between U.S. and Chinese JV partners. Created over 60 JVs which generated over $3 Billion per annum in revenues. Served as goodwill ambassador for American business community in China. Supervised staff of 18 personnel and hosted dozens of trade seminars, in both U.S. and China. Was chief negotiator on several trade agreements between China and U.S.
As stated before, there is no independent internet record of any such \”China Trade Commission\” outside some news accounts of it putting on children\’s and Santa Claus shows, a Halloween party and possibly some seminars. Those news accounts do not comport with the \”China Trade Commission\” now represented by which is a for profit organization supposedly offering due diligence, arbitration, collection, certification, immigration and visa services, etc. for 15 years! In fact, one news article in December 2010, specifically stated that the \”China Trade Commission\” is a \”non-profit organization.\” There is a US-China Trade Commission which was created in 1983 which is a traditional trade commission, with quasi government backing, that endeavored to bolster trade between the United States and China, Here is a link to a story about that organization: U.S.-China Trade Commission to Meet in Washington

Looking again at Dimarco\’s resume:
2004 – 2006
Investor Services International, Inc
117 Lakeshore Road East – Suite 339
Mississauga, Ontario L5G-4T6
Tel: 905-891-8191
Note that Dimarco\’s Investor Services International, Inc. is the entity that registered the and domains on July 9, 2011. See Domain registration.

Dimarco was advertising due diligence services in this 2008 Singapore ad:
Professional Due Diligence Services – Be Sure & Safe – NOT Sorry!
Posted: 02-Nov-2008
By: Anthony D.

Before investing with a new company, or hiring an executive who could plunge your company into debt or legal problems, let a former U.S. federal agent and Fortune 500 Executive conduct thorough due diligence on your behalf. Reasonable fees and timely service. 16 Years investigative experience. Proper due diligence will also help get your project financing approved much quicker. My reviews and reports are top quality and I know all tricks, shams, schemes and creative accounting used to conceal negative information others will miss. We can be in your office within 72 hours notice and usually need only 15-30 days to investigate any company or person(s). Call 905-891-8191 in Toronto, Canada. Brokers Protected for $5,000 Referral Fee
Yeah, he was a one man band, then he hit upon masquerading as the \”China Trade Commission\”, registered the domains and the scam was born. He brought his other \”projects\” like \”Hobson Secondary Oil\” and \”Strategic Resource Group\” to the \”China Trade Commission.\”

Look at this free press release from 2006!: NEW OIL FLOWS FROM OLD WELLS WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY — Hobson Secondary Oil demonstration is huge success — 24-7PressRelease/ – TORONTO, CANADA, December 14, 2006 The contact information reads:
Press Release Contact Information:
John McCaine
Strategic Resource Group
89 Lakeshore Road East – Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
Canada L5G-4T6
Voice: 905-891-8191
Yes, same phone number as \”Investor Services International, Inc.\” and the same phone number Dimarco was using to offer \”due diligence services\” in the 2008 Singapore ad above!

So now \”Hobson Secondary Oil Company\” \”employs\” Dimarco as their \”Licensing Director\”
Anthony DeMarco. Director of Licensing EurAsian Operations.
[email protected]
Tel: 86-15001385982
This press release also identifies him as the Licensing Director:
Hobson Secondary Oil Rejects $1.5Billion Acquisition Offer From Oil Industry Giant and has the Dimarco\’s number

Of course, the \”China Trade Commission\” endorsed Hobson Secondary Oil Company!
Hobson Secondary Oil Technology Endorsed By China Trade Commission
Is Russia cheating China out of new energy technology? and promotes it: CTC Confirms Hobson Secondary Oil to perform high-tech demonstration in China this year

Remember, Dormant oil well brought back to life in nine hours with new HSO technology designed for warfare Yep, Dimarco was pushing \”Hobson Secondary Oil\” in 2006 while masquerading as \”John McCaine\” from the \”Strategic Resource Group\” which is featured in another advertisement here:
Strategic Resource Group
0000, Beijing, 0000, China
Company Name: Strategic Resource Group
Number of Employlees: 2000
Yes, same phone number as Dimarco/Gorcyca in his capacity as Director of Licensing for Hobson Secondary Oil Company.

Of course, China Trade Commission announced a partnership with Strategic Resource Group:
CTC partners with Strategic Resource Group to Provide FREE Interviews Skills Seminar in Beijing

Who knew? Well obviously Dimarco was hoping you wouldn\’t!

Take a breath. Okay, yet another interesting connection, see this free company directory entry for Pacific Blue Solutions It gives their phone number as 647-295-4647.
Pacific Blue Solutions, Ltd.
Mark Davis
1 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5E-1W7
Voice 647-295-4647
Well that\’s the same number for the \”PR Director\” of Hobson Secondary Oil which can be seen on this press release: Hobson Secondary Oil Rejects $1.5Billion Acquisition Offer From Oil Industry Giant
Hobson Secondary Oil, Inc.:
Mr. Novak
PR Director
Update: \”Somebody\” deleted the phone number off Hobson Secondary Oil Rejects $1.5Billion Acquisition Offer From Oil Industry Giant. Now why would somebody do that???? Well, a screenshot of the original press release can be seen below, image 13. \”Someone\” also deleted the phone number from the Hobson Secondary Oil, Inc. Press Room, however, a screenshot of that is below as image 14.
The number 647-295-4647 also appears on this free press release: Hobson Secondary Oil files for more patent protection in 29 countries and on this one HSO Rejects $1.5B Buyout Offer – Unfavorable Terms Cited
Issued By :HSO PR Officer
Phone :647-295-4647
Of course, that number 647-295-4647 is the number for on Oxford English Academy on Dimarco\’s resume. Now isn\’t that interesting, Hobson Secondary Oil rejecting a takeover bid and applying for patents in 29 countries…something that might make a stock move thus something that would be reported in the mainstream media, but nothing, just a free press release…remember that Dimarco was indicted for…stock manipulation…yes…he\’s still at it!!!!

So, of course, the \”China Trade Commission\” endorsed Pacific Blue Solutions!
China Trade Commision Endorses Pacific Blue Solutions of Canada To Tackle Water Pollution Crisis and invited them to Beijing for a demonstration Pacific Blue Solutions invited to China for green technology demonstration by China Trade Commission.

Are you starting to see a pattern yet? Well there\’s more. Yes, I know, my head hurts too!

Here is a press release issued by the \”Ontario Music Society\”: Top Ten Music Schools Honoured By The Ontario Music Society At Annual Awards Banquet
For the third year in a row, top honors went to Judy\’s Music School of Mississauga which the Ontario Music Society rated as the most progressive, professional and outstanding school of music in Ontario and awarded the owners yet another Excellence award.

Issued By : Ontario Music Society
Phone : 647-295-4647
Address : 117 Lakeshore Road East, Suite 399
Zip : L5G-4T6
City/Town : Toronto
State/Province : Ontario
Country : Canada
Yep, same number as the Oxford English Academy 647-295-4647 on Dimarco\’s resume same basic address as Investor Services International, Inc. So guess who the China Trade Commission will invite to perform in Beijing in the free press release below? Well the same school that Ontario Music Society awarded first place to: Judy\’s Music School of Mississauga from the same small town that Pacific Blue Productions and Investor Services International, Inc. hail from: Judy\’s Music School of Toronto selected to send music students to perform in Beijing

Here is another connection: China Trade Commission is \”co-sponsoring\” \”Project Creativity\” with Drama Rainbow. See China Trade Commission Co-Sponsors \”Project Creativity\” for Beijing Kids You think Anthony Demarco might have some affiliation with that organization?

Look at this press release: Drama Rainbow Now Asking Multi-National Companies in China to Help Foster Creative Kids in Beijing
Mr. Phillips, Director
Update: Ooops, Drama Rainbow or Dimarco changed the phone number on all their Press King press releases after October 1, 2011 to 86-010-8255-2978. I\’m using the cache however that will be replaced. The original press release still shows 86-010-8255-3078 and it can be seen below: image 10. \”Someone\” also changed the phone number on the Drama Rainbow Press Room, however, a screenshot of that is below as image 11. They changed the telephone number on this free press release also: Drama Rainbow Introduces Famous Creativity Training to Beijing\’s Migrant Worker Kids. The original can be seen below, with the telephone number, 86-010-8255-3078, image 12 Now why would they do that if they weren\’t trying to hide something? Moreover, there is a press release they apparently couldn\’t alter: Drama Rainbow Introduces Famous British Drama in Education Beijing Kindergarten Kids TiE shows
Company Contact Information
Drama Rainbow
Mr. Anthony
No. 11 Wanliu Donglu – 7th Floor
Haidian District – Zone A2
Phone : 86-010-8255-3078
That phone number leads to this advertisement:
Hangzhou Attention Entrepreneurs: China Opportunities
If you are liquid for a minimum of 7,000,000 RMB, Call Mr. Anthony for details at 010-8255-3078
More here: Chinese partner needed in 12 cities for U.K. special school. and here: Unique Franchise Opportunity For China From The UK ( Beijing, China )
Call Mr. Anthony for details at 010-8255-3078
Phone: 010-8255-3078
E-Mail: [email protected]
Another one here: Drama Teacher Interns needed in Beijing, China Yeah, \”someone\” deleted it but its still in the cache. You can also see a screenshot below, Image 15.
[email protected]
Here: Low Risk China Franchise Opportunity Yield 300% Over 5 Years
Call Mr. Anthony for details at 010-8255-3078
Email: [email protected]
Rather clear who Anthony D. and he\’s seeking money! Well its always about money isn\’t it? Drama Rainbow is another one of his projects! Quite fitting, as the man has an imagination which is unfettered. So is it any wonder that according to this press release: China Trade Commission to sponsor creativity development program for Chinese children in Beijing the China Trade Commission chose Drama Rainbow \”over many different creativity programs around the world including Waldorf schools, various, Montessoris, Baby MBA\”?

So the \”China Trade Commission\”, is too busy promoting chosen companies that Dimarco is closely tied to do much of anything else…which is convenient because that\’s all it actually does. Well other than attempting to con potential victims into believing that they are paying membership fees of $5,000 to $10,000 to a 15 year due diligence organization! The the China Trade Commission appears to be merely a front and if it does actually exist, its certainly not what it touted to be!

Yes, Dimarco has been using free press releases and aliases to not only promote many different companies but could he actually create one using nothing but press releases and posts on forums? Is that possible??? Well let\’s see:

See this post by \”Scam Patrol – Scam Patrol International\” a profile character on the forum Merchants Barter Exchange FRAUD – Steve Bolles As mentioned above, a moderator in this post \” found that the Scam Patrol profile was phony as it shared an IP address with four other profiles, \”Chuck_In_China,\” \”CTC-BEIJING,\” \”Peter Kwan,\” and \”YinYang.\” One of Scam Patrol International\’s dubious claims to fame is that they exposed the \”Merchants Barter Exchange\” as a scam. Here are two posts from \”Scam Patrol\”: and SPI shared the credit for this exposure with China Trade Commission though, again, there is no independent internet confirmation that there was a fraud or that SPI or CTC exposed it, just free press releases and blog and forum posts, two of which are already highly suspect.

For starters look at this quote from this \”Scam Patrol\”\’s post:
d) MBE and Steve Bolles were convicted in 2007 in federal court (Tommy Roberts Vs. Merchants Barter Exchange) of racketeering (Franchise Fraud) and their appeal was turned down in 2008.
Well \”convicted\” implies it was criminal and it was a civil case. MBE and Steve Bolles actually won in the lower court as the case against them was dismissed. It was the plaintiffs, Tommy Roberts, et al. who appealed, and who ultimately withdrew their appeal! The sentence was a complete misrepresentation of the facts designed to portray Steve Bolles and MBE as felonious villains.

Moreover, look at the link included in Scam Patrol\’s post: Tommy Roberts, et al v. Merchants Barter Exchange, et al: Justia Dockets & Filings The case is 08-1833 and it was filed March 27, 2008 in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit.

The case that was being appealed was filed in the United District Court of New Jersey, 06-5402 (SRC) and it was filed against MERCHANTS BARTER EXCHANGE, and STEVEN ROBERT BOLLES, however, there is another defendant:
Yes, again, Dimarco, the Executive Director of the China Trade Commission. The complaint can be downloaded at this link. I downloaded it from the District Court. Interestingly enough, a free press release claims that it was Dimarco who was responsible for any \”scam.\” Steve Bolles and Merchants Barter Exonerated by Scam Research For Merchants
After much investigation into the complaints against Steve Bolles and Merchants Barter, we have determined that the posts on Ripoff Report are COMPLETELY untrue. Although they appear to be from multiple people in Pennsylvania, they originate from one ip address. Several years ago, Merchants Barter terminated the services of the marketing firm MGM, represented by Anthony Bruce Gorcyca DiMarco. He used the alias of Stanton Martin and his wife Linda Dimarco according to documents originating from his fax number. I have viewed agreements that Mr. Bolles and Gorcyca signed stating that “only documents and marketing materials approved in writing, could be used in the promotion of Merchants Barter Exchange”

I have viewed both the approved materials and also the unauthorized documents faxed to prospects originating from Gorcyca’s fax number. I have also viewed the faxes from Gorcyca to Bolles after his true identity had been exposed. They can be explained as nothing short of a psychotic episode. One sentence he admitted to the multiple aliases and creation of NABA to promote Merchants Barter. Then, offended that Bolles would think he was unethical. Gorcyca made pleas to continue their relationship as “much money was to be made”.
So Merchant Barter Exchange and Steve Bolles were never a scam, Dimarco was the scammer?! He actually created the NABA, i.e. North American Barter Association! Of course, free press releases are notoriously unreliable as I believe I\’ve already illustrated. However, remember this post from above: and the phrase from this press release: \”Although they appear to be from multiple people in Pennsylvania, they originate from one ip address.\”

I believe that the \”one person\” who set up the multiple profiles on is Dimarco. Both Scam Patrol International and China Trade Commission depend partly on forum posts for their claims to legitimacy and it appears that there is only one person behind both those phantom organizations.

Remember this Scam Patrol post here: let\’s revisit another allegation:
As for Merchants Barter Exchange we did some digging and uncovered the following facts:

a) They are not now nor ever was a member of any reputable barter or trade association including NATE, IRTA, and NABA.
Look at who issued this free September 19, 2005 press release from the supposed National American Barter Association aka the NABA: Is Barter Smarter? Here\’s What the Latest Stats Say
Brenda Grabowski
Yep, there that phone number again belonging to Oxford English Academy from Dimarco\’s resume. Also, remember \”Brenda Grabowski\”? She was one of Dimarco\’s alleged aliases from Tommy Roberts, et al v. Merchants Barter Exchange, et al. So, the North American Barter Association was a totally fictional organization created by Dimarco?

Well let\’s follow the story further. The \”NABA\” moved their offices to Chicago as indicated in this press release – after 17 years in the Big Apple???: North American Barter Association Opens New Chicago HQ Offices
In an unrelated matter NABA wishes to notify the public that due to pranksters who had a computerized redialer repeatedly calling our 1-800 fraud hotline for 3 straight days at 50 cents per call, we had to disconnect service to that number until further notice.
Well, several notable things. This was put out by \”Paul Davis\”, Public Affairs Director and \”Nathan Forbes,\” NABA\’s Executive Director, who are both alleged Dimarco aliases from Tommy Roberts, et al v. Merchants Barter Exchange, et al. Well, in a very similar situation alleged hacker(s) used a autodialer to disrupt \”China Trade Commission\” phones! China Trade Commission Victim Of Cyber Smear Scam By Vengeful Hacker Fraud

Here\’s another one featuring \”Nathan Forbes\” again and \”David Stryzinski\” as the chief investigator who is yet another alleged Dimarco alias from Tommy Roberts, et al v. Merchants Barter Exchange, et al. Barter Exchange Fraud Cost Merchants Millions
NABA also believes these fraudsters employ a full time hacker to cruise the Internet and remove any links of complaints, bankruptcies, and law suits involving the exchange.
Interesting, enough, China Trade Commission also alleges that a hacker(s) removed its links! China Trade Commission Victim Of Cyber Smear Scam By Vengeful Hacker Fraud

NABA put out another press release by Nathan Forbes here implicating Steve Bolles and MBE: NABA Clarifies Merchant Barter Exchange Fraud Investigation – Apologizes for confusion created by MB

Finally, this press release by Merchants Barter Exchange attempting to clarify allegations against it. Merchants Barter Exchange (mbe) Creates New Web Page To Set The Record Straight Against Rumors.
Beginning on August 3, 2006 MBE received information that a North American Barter Association (NABA) press release was on the Internet with extremely negative information regarding MBE. Many fabricated news releases followed with fake names and numbers. These press releases are completely erroneous and MBE is not now, nor has ever been affiliated with North American Barter Association – NABA. The fact is NABA does not exist, and was concocted with a onslaught of bogus press releases by a former MBE employee hired to handle marketing projects. After learning of several instances of unprofessional and unethical business behavior MBE terminated the employee.
Wow, well that press release conforms to the one by \”Scam Research\” Steve Bolles and Merchants Barter Exonerated by Scam Research For Merchants In fact, this also alleges that NABA was a fictional entity created to promote and then attack Steve Boles and MBE. It goes further though in alleging that Dimarco is attempting to profit off the \”Merchants Barter Exchange scam\” by selling a $9.95 anti-fraud booklet through \”North American Barter Association\” and that Dimarco created, \”Victims of Barter Fraud.\” ARE VICTIMS OF BARTER FRAUD COMMITTING THEIR OWN SCAM? Yes, it gets complicated! It\’s amazing what can be done with free press releases!

Here is the free press release where NABA offers a 60 page \”anti-fraud prevention guide\” NABA WARNS INVESTORS AND MERCHANTS OF BARTER EXCHANGE FRAUD The guide is free to members, however, there are no members!

\”Victims of Barter Fraud\” was a coalition of purported victims of Merchants Barter Exchange. Here is a one of their free press releases: Merchants Of Barter Exchange Fraud To Meet With Ftc Investigators Of course they put out many more. Here is one of their \”scam reports\”: Steve and Marti Bolles Merchants Barter Exchange Steve Bolles 800-822-7204 – Looks familiar doesn\’t it? One of the links it cites is very interesting: Trade Association Offers $25,000 Reward For Info About Merchants Barter Exchange Fraud Of course, its put out by \”Paul Davis/Public Affairs\” one of Dimarco\’s alleged aliases. However, strangely enough, the China Trade Commission offered a $10,000 award in this free press release: $10,000 Rewards Paid To Those Who Identify Charity & NGO Fraud By China Trade Commission

So did Dimarco create an entire fictional organization, that had supposedly been in operation for 17 years, with vast powers to investigate, license and arbitrate, phantom offices, and phantom staff to promote Merchants Barter Exchange and then to attack it, basically using free press releases!? I mean really?

Well, sure enough the China Trade Commission\’s (i.e. Dimarco\’s) fax number 212-820-9746 was the same as that of Merchants Barter Exchange\’s. See CTC\’s Nov 07, 2009 free press releases here:
China Trade Commission Opens Beijing Office

Update: Note that \”China Trade Commission\” has revised the China Trade Commission Opens Beijing Office free press release. They deleted the fax number 212-820-9746 and \”Last Updated\” now reads: October 01, 2011 and of course, the telephone number is changed to 86-10-8255-1482. Now why would \”they\” do that if they were not trying to hide something. There is a legal term for that, its called \”consciousness of guilt.\” Well anticipating that certain web pages cited in this blog might disappear or be altered, I have a screen shot of the original and I have posted it below this blog. (It is image 2)

That fax number appears hear as well: 212-820-9746 free press release company directory.
China Trade Commission Information
Paul Zhang
Haidian District, Beijing
Phone: 86-10-82615180
The CTC in a not for profit NGO established in 1996 in Hong Kong and New York to facilitate joint venture opportunities between Chinese and western businesses. No unsolicited business plans nor phone calls are accepted until a completed application is received. An application can be obtained by faxing your request on company letterhead to 212-820-9746.
This Merchants Barter Exchange free news release shows their fax number: MBE Successfully Completes Phase II of Beta Testing on Automated International Barter Software For Fortune 500 Companies
Authorized for immediate release by:
Henry Romano, Agent for
Merchants Barter Exchange
55 Madison Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960
Tel: 212-572-6316
Merchants Barter Exchange Inc.
300 Park Avenue, 17th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10022 USA
Tel: (212) 572-6316 Fax: (212) 820-9746
Remember that Henry Romano is another alias for Dimarco from the Tommy Roberts, et al v. Merchants Barter Exchange, et al. lawsuit.

It appears Dimarco did indeed work for Steve Bolles and MBE and in the process created the fictional North American Barter Association to promote MBE. When Steve Bolles fired him, he turned NABA on his formal client and MBE and even created another organization to attack him, \”Victims of Barter Fraud\”. When he started the China Trade Commission, he used the same fax number he used as a consultant of MBE. This is a man who carries a grudge! The answer to the aforementioned hypothetical question, \”Can someone create an entire company using press releases and blog posts?\” is yes! In, fact, its being done again, and this time with a website…its called the \”China Trade Commission.\”

There are a lot of eerie similarities between the \”NABA\” and \”Victims of Barter Exchange\” and the China Trade Commission. Dimarco is still going after Steve Bolles and MBE: Due Diligence Doubts and it appears that he is also trying to capitalize on potential concerns about scams in China by selling \”due diligence.\” All the staff that are mentioned in the China Trade Commission\’s free press releases…do they actually exist or are they simply figments of this man\’s extraordinarily kaleidoscopic imagination, just like in the \”North American Barter Association\” saga?

Did Dimarco attempt to discredit Sam Arnold and American Independent Capital Group the same way he did MBE and Sam Bolles? There are some similarities. Scam Patrol International and China Trade Commission dubbed Sam Arnold the \”Beijing Bandit\” and both claimed to have exposed him and AICG as a scam. See Scam Patrol – Scam Patrol International\’s phony posts here: and here another phony post here: by \”Peter Kwan\” and this phony post here: by CTC Beijing\” Though, SCI again gave CTC a lot of the credit. In fact, half CTC\’s sample debtor database are debts attributed to Sam Arnold and/or AIG.

Again, no independent evidence, just the aforementioned forum posts and free press releases, but we can see what a creative and unethical person can do with those! Both SPI and CTC have a tendency to just say things without bothering to provide any corroborating evidence. Many times they cite news articles as evidence of their exploits, yet the news articles don\’t mention them. Many of their online forum profile supporters do the same thing.

This free press release has the China Trade Commission\’s phone number: 86-10-82615180: Kentec denies funding claims of American Independent Capital Group
Issued By :Kentec
Phone :86-10-82615180
Zip :100089
City/Town :Beijing
The press release certainly made AICG look bad as it contradicted their press release: AICG Aids Kentec to Raise $120 Million for Expansion

Update: As mentioned earlier Dimarco, \”changed\” the the telephone number of the China Trade Commission from 86-10-82615180 to 86-10-8255-1482 in all the free press releases he can change. Look at images 2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7 you can see the \”old\” phone number. Additionally, Dimarco couldn\’t revise all the press releases with the \”old\” number online and links to those are posted below:

China Trade Commission opens new Beijing office in heart of university district
China Trade Commission Company News Section
Free Chinese and English Classes for Beijing kids donated by China Trade Commission
China Trade Commission\’s global membership grows past the 100,000 mark following recent technology symposium in Beijing
Hobson Secondary Oil Technology Endorsed By China Trade Commission

Why would such a press release put out by Kentec have China Trade Commission\’s phone number???? Moreover, Kenetic is a Korean company yet the press release lists \”Beijing\” as the City/Town. To the best of my knowledge, Kentec Engineering & Consulting, Inc. had never put out a free press release before or after this one. A link to the press release is featured on China Trade Commission\’s website in their \”American Independent Capital Group global fraud alert

Same pattern as Steve Bolles and the MBE. Use Scam Patrol International to \”expose\” them which gives SPI credibility as an anti-fraud organization and then have SPI give the \”China Trade Commission\” all the credit thereby imputing that credibility to them and \”there would be much money to be made\” once China Trade Commission burst on the scene. Scam Patrol International might have been \”China Trade Commission\” in training wheels. Free press releases are like brick and mortar in the hands of Dimarco! Look at this press release: SCI assists Interpol in money laundering investigation of American Independent Capital Group where Scam Patrol International claimed to be assisting Interpol investigate AICG. Notice the picture of the bright faced young persons. China Trade Commission uses the very same photo on their website on this page: About the CTC. According to Fraudwatchers in this post the picture is a stock photo taken from Getty Images. Coincidence? Not likely!

Remember this post by the moderator who could see posters\’ IP addresses. I\’ve mentioned this press release several times before: China Trade Commission Victim Of Cyber Smear Scam By Vengeful Hacker Fraud The press release depends on these forum posts for its veracity:
Well post 30 was posted by \”CTC-BEIJING\” and post 41 was posted by \”Scam Patrol\”. Those posts were the mainstay of the allegations in the press release, and the profiles are fake and the posts are not be believed. A poster here pointed out the absurdity of the allegations in the press release:

\”China Trade Commission\” aka Dimarco\’s strategy is to depict any online critic as a competitor or exposed fraudster who is therefore biased and less credible. Even better, portray them as a skilled and vengeful hacker who \”can make alter, replace, substitute, or delete any on-line document without detection.\” So CTC gets a \”Get Out of Jail Card Free\” and they can claim any online evidence against them was conjured or fabricated.

Anthony Dimarco or one of his crony profiles created a fake profile for a supposed \”hacker\”, \”Mystery Guest\” by taking the avatar used from a profile on apparently created by a moderator on Fraudwatchers. See: and This \”Mystery Guest\” posted a series of fake confessions here: and and \”stating\” that he was a hacker hired by \”Steve\” from \”Eastern Pennsylvania\”…remember Dimarco\’s smear of Steve Bolles who operated Merchants Barter Exchange out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

Fraudwatchers found more anomalies with China Trade Commission and their website. in this post. China Trade Commission is a SCAM

They allege that China Trade Commission\’s website contained a list of scammers which was copied verbatim from a list on Fraudwatchers\’ website which had been compiled by Fran Chen. The list was copyrighted though freely available on the internet. China Trade Commission, put their own copyright on it, claimed it as their own and offered it for sale. Their website was suspended until they removed the list. See this post.

According to this post, China Trade Commission placed a row of images on their website which they represented to be members of their staff. One image turned out to be that of someone else who was on Facebook and was not a CTC staff member. China Trade Commission subsequently removed the entire row of images.

Well in closing, the irony of a someone who has been charged with SEC violations directing an organization that is supposedly alerting the public to stock fraud cannot be over exaggerated. See: China Trade Commission Issues Global Fraud Alert Exposing Two Dozen Suspect Chinese Stock Frauds

Just as amusing is this press release: See: Chinese Debt Collection No Longer Mission Impossible – Pay Up Or Lose Face

I guess not paying your debts makes you an expert on how to collect them?

This \”white paper\” by \”China Trade Commission\” shows the utter and total gall of Demarco/Dimarco/Gorcyca: Cyberspace Due Diligence Options

This is a man who apparently has used multiple profile personalities and free press releases to conjure phantom organizations such as Scam Patrol International, the North American Barter Association and the China Trade Commission. Then he turned them loose on his ex-employer, used them to make money and to attack his critics. Now he is concerned about whether these \”tactics\” are proper! The \”article\” appears to be in response to online forums who have drawn attention to the China Trade Commission fraud! Ultimately, though, it\’s always about the money, it always is. If you are suspicious of online forums, then perhaps you\’ll pay Demarco/Dimarco/Gorcyca, i.e., the China Trade Commission to do due diligence for you!

China Trade Commission, aka, Dimarco have consistently pointed out that there are no known victims of this scam, so it can\’t be a scam! Well the scam has only been in operation three months. Do you want to be the first victim?

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