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If you ever need a lawyer, do not visit Bruce H. Singman

To start with, I found this lawyer on … wait for it … Craigslist! Then, as per his convenience, we met at Starbucks for an official meeting. He apparently does not have an office. You’d think that would have been enough to have me running!
I paid him a retainer fee of $500. I needed him to work on 2 of my contracts (2 pages and 9 pages each). He didn’t communicate to me the entire time and I was not told how much time he would be taking to finish the said work. One day, I suddenly received a bill of $1325. Saying that I was shocked is an understatement! It had been established earlier on that I would be paying him only $500 for the entire task which had already been paid to him so I could believe the further $1325 bill staring me in the face!
I specifically asked him to let me know when he would be done with the work worth $500 because that was the entirety of my budget. That is how good business is conducted between sane people! Well, guess I expected too much from him!
He had the balls to insult me in public and in court verbally on multiple occasions saying that I was an idiot who would definitely lose this case. During the entire unpleasant association, he has insulted, harassed and mentally abused me. He has behaved in an aggressive and unprofessional way with me. He was nowhere near courteous enough and his conduct did not reflect that of a lawyer of respectable standing.
He ripped me off for more than the work was worth and any other lawyer would have expedited the work in not more than 2 hours.
Beware! It was the single worst experience of my life!

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