Bruce Johnson Red Bull

Bruce Johnson Red Bull

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Published: 20 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

So preparing for another road trip with my husband I was mentally thinking about ways to make money on the road, I’m going through my email and lo and behold I see this email from Redbull stating that I can make $500 a week just by covering my car in Red Bull stickers for advertisement. I thought, wow! this is perfect! So I replied but didn’t get a response. A week later my husband says “honey what happened with that Red Bull thing paying $500?” So I emailed them again, and forgot about it after still no response. Today I got an email explaining how the payment would work that its an 8 week program and last 3 months after the 8 weeks i can sign up for another 4 and they’ll send me $500 up front plus the cost to put the stickers on. Somebody will come to my house and do it, as well as pay for the stickers to be removed and any damage done will be covered. Which they doubt there will be any but just in case. So I reply that all sounds great, what do I need to do to sign up or get this ball rolling. I got another email saying they’re going to go ahead and send me out package in the mail with a cashier’s check for first payment and I’ve seen the scam emails before, so as soon as it said, just send your name, address, date of birth, gender, car make, model, mileage, the way it was written sent a red flag. I thought to myself, is this a scam to get my information? so I Googled Bruce Johnson Red Bull and what do you know, turns out it’s a scam and I’m totally bummed out, let down, aggravated, and sick to death of the scammers! what kind of world have we come to nowadays?! it’s pathetic and exhausting

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