Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan

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Published: 28 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wednesday, September 25, 2018, Bruce Jordan showed up at 11 AM for his first day as a framing subcontractor at a residential construction site. On Friday, September 28, 2018, Bruce Jordan was ready to leave for the day at 3:30 PM, demanded $3,600 and was fired. In those two and one-half days, Bruce Jordan and his u201cteamu201d were on-site doing actual work for 15 hours and a total of 52 man-hours, excluding lunches and breaks. Each day Bruce showed up at a different time with different [one day only] crew members and left at a different time. Nothing was consistent- including breaks, lunches, and especially production. Bruce Jordan is a framing contractor operating Jordanu2019s Designs out of McKinney, Texas. He does have a very long history throughout North Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in the residential construction industry as he is the son of Metrotex Framingu2019s founder, growing up and into framing construction. I was excited to get Bruce on-site and making progress on the cornice assembly as this specific scope of the project had been plagued by material and rain delays. Scaffolding had been erected and ready to go for two months before that Wednesday. It had been almost exactly three months prior that he had quote the work to which I agreed. The scope was simple and straight forward- finish the cornice and cantilever soffit assemblies, labor only. The fascia had been completed, but the soffits were all open with no blocking, ledger or frieze. Now, this is a 4,000-SF two-story home and the upper cornice was a compound soffit design on 3 planes at two different anglesu2026 with some rafter-to-soffit cuts uneven and out of level. Bruce proposed it would take 1 to 1-1/2 weeks at $3,500 per week. I accepted. I paid Bruce $500 on Thursday, September 29th, upon a random end-of-day request. I then paid him $1,500 when he was fired the very next dayu2026 which is todayu2026 as I write this. I fired Bruce after he demanded what amounted to $4100 for two and one-half days on the job. He claimed the job would now cost at u201cleast $8,500 and take more than 3 weeksu201d. Why? He claimed the required frieze backing and air dam blocks were u201cextrau201d. During and after firing Bruce (before he drove away with the additional $1000 I gave him), he threatened to u201creport me to the cityu201d and u201cthe Better Business Bureauu201d, and to ruin my reputation u201cwith lumber dealersu201d, u201conlineu201d, u201con Facebooku201d, with u201cevery sub in townu201d, u201chowever [I] get [my] businessu201d. He threatened u201cto put me out of businessu201d. Bruce of course also threatened to u201cput a lien on my house and sue meu201d. None of this achieve his desired response- 2,100 dollars more for absolutely nothing. Thatu2019s when Bruce became unhinged, even psychotic, and crossed a line from which he will not be returning. He threatened u201cto breakout my truck windowsu201d, to u201cpay some real crackheads because [he] knows real crackheads to come over and tear up my house, to rip up everything, to shoot it up!u201d Not thirty minutes after he drove away with the three workers he brought, I looked down the street to see one of the three, Steve, walking back to the house. Steve then tells me how Bruce just pulled into a Texaco down the road, told everyone to u201cget out because he was paying them right [there]u201d and then u201cburned rubber speeding away, giving them all the finger out the windowu201d! I fired Bruce Jordan 5 hours ago. He has called 29 times harassing and attempting to intimidate me further. He has text me over 250 times threatening me, my livelihood and my property through extortion, blackmail and all out criminal destruction. I have filed a police report, but I take this very seriously and donu2019t believe he is going to magically become a rational, fair-minded person anytime soon. Please learn from my experience and do not make the same mistake trusting Bruce Jordan. He is at minimum an incompetent fraud, but at most a psychotic menace.

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