Brunos Auto Repair

Brunos Auto Repair

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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I WAS BROKE DOWN AND HAD TO HAVE A TOW..I HAD BRUNOS DO IT AND HAD THEM DIAGNOS WHAT WAS WRONG,IT WAS late on a sunday night and i was heading with my girlfriend back to maine going up rt 4 over killington.when my truck had a major malfunction.i coasted back to applebys at the bottom of the mountain and called my dad to come get us and i dropped off the keys at brunos on rt 7 north main street with a note to ,,,(i probably thought it was just a timing belt..)tow it from applebys and id call in morning to get it repaired which i did ,,,around 4 pm the next day.i finally found out what was wrong..this is exspectable to wait this long ,,,no problem…well it was the camshaft that broke…i said fix it ,,,the manager said it would be a week to do this but first they had to do a credit check???untrusting i think..but whatever so i borrowed my dads truck and went home to maine..well in 8-10 days i get a call that it was only half done at 600.00 and they needed more money because of the machine shop work of another 600 before they could complete the job…,,,well i was stuck…i already gave them the first money and now to get my truck done it was another 600 …a new engine for a 4 cylinder lil trucks only around 1000.00 so i got took….so after another 10 days going from august 29 to sept 19 it was done…so i drove with my girlfriend to get it on a friday afternoon,arriving around 3 pm ..i paid the 600 and went to start my truck and it wouldnt start..this lil urchin limpy gimpy guy came around the corner and used a jumper box to get it going,,,it started and was jumping and banging and knocking like crazy…i let off the gas and the engine quit..this big fat dude the mangager JIM was there holloring keep it going….well the lil gimpy guy says lets pull it in the garage after we get it going and charge the battery.which they did..(the more i write this the madder iam getting too)I ASKED the lil freaking gimpy limpy IS THIS GOING TO MAKE IT BACK TO MAINE??ONNA WING AND A PRAYER..YOU GOTTA BUY TOYOTAS WAS HIS ANSER,,,I JUST SHELLED OUT 1300.00 TO THESE FLUNKY GIMPY FREAKS…COMON// SO i waited around a finally the manager JIM says its your alternator..OK …PUT ONE ON I SAID BEING totally disgusted from all the expense by now,so we wait for 30 minutes and finally go inside and i had a VERY hard time trying to find out whats going on…are you going to put a alternator on ,because nobodys talking to me as i walk by them throwing my hands up flat like WHATS UP??FINALLY this fat guy jim the manager says i cant find one…IN ALL OF RUTLAND HE CANT FIND ONE TO A 88 4 CYLINDER DODGE RAM..HUH?? not that 4 oclock on a hot friday had anything to do with it…AHEM!!!//SO I DROVE IT..onna charged battery after the lil gimpy limpy guy that talked outta the side of his mouth pulled it way ou front by the road//..i had to do something not being took care of at BRUNOS …I GOT TO DADS ABOUT 30 MILES AWAY i called poultney auto from my dads and found the one that i needed being closest to where i was.The next day was saturday and i went and got it and put it on myself,but noticed it was not charging really..SNDAY I DROVE TO MAINE,I GOT 100 MILES AND the truck died again being just run on the battery.LOCAL KIDS helped me out,i was way out in cowshit corners nowhere.they got me jumped and over to there garage and tested the wiring ,finding out it was hooked up wrong from when Brunos re-attached the heads or whatever being that it was fine before there grease monkeys got under the hood,there was not no problem with the charging system the night the camshaft allegedly broke..OH YEA at the garage on the day i picked it up i asked to see the brokon one..but i didnt get anyone to accomondate that request,only one grease monkey picked up a rag and looked under it mumbling he couldnt find it or something unintelligble..DUH!!!i limped back to MAINE WITH THE TRUCK NOW CHARGING (THANKS TO THOSE KIDS AND A 100 BILL)BUT THE MOTOR JUSTA SHAKING.AND WANTING TO STALL OUT..I took it to a garage up here and found out they never lined up the camshaft,,and the firing order was not in line with the piston..they just threw it in and adjusted the distibutor to correct the misalighnment.and the plug wires were not set all the way..UNREAL HUH..I CALLED THE OWNER MIKE BRUNO BUT KEPT GETTING the runaround from whoever was ansering this fraudulant incompetent business.FINALLY after 3 days and numerous calls i got the owner MIKE,,and told him about all this mess and i wanted my money back..he said he have to talk with the guys working for him and to call back in a few days ,,which i did and couldnt get him until around 4 days and was put off again for 4 more days..i want my money back but he said it was all done properly and that if i had had someone look at it he wanted to call them,which he did and they told him that it was wrong,,THE place i took the trucks outta business just before i TOOK BRUNO TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT AND he says that it was doubtful that there was ever a business there after talking to them once,already …just because he didnt like what they had to say about his shoddy mechanic flunkys work.THE COURT SAYS IT IS UP TO ME FOR THE BURDEN OF PROOF..I TRIED TO RECOVER A LIL OF MY LOSSES IN MEDIATION BUT THE DUMBASS WOULDNT BUDGE FOR THE LABOR AND I WAS WILLING JUST PAY FOR THE PARTS..NOT EVEN HALF WAY,,HE WANTED TO PAY JUST FOR THE 100.00 I PAID THE KIDS ON THE WAY HOME AND THE ALTERNATOR.BUT I HOPE THIS BUSINESS SUFFERS BEING SCRUPOULOUS,THEIVING DISHONEST CROOKS..STAY AWAY AND IF YOUVE HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE SUE THE p***k,,,EVEN IF YOU LOOSE HE WILL BE TIED UP IN COURT ,,THIS BRAINDEAD BROUGHT TWO OF THE GUYS FROM THE GARAGE TO COMFORT HIM ,,THEY NEVER SPOKE DONT SETTLE FOR HUS BULL SUE HIM AND SKIP MEDIATION GO IN FRONT OF THE JUDGE..HE,S BULL HEADED AND IGNORANTAND WONT BUDGE..THANK YOU AND PLEASE BOYCOTT AND SPEAD THE WORD… Improman wiscasset, MaineU.S.A.

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