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Published: 28 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Ladies and Gentlemen. Upon my honorable discharge from the Unted States Marines my wife bought me a new truck. It’s a 2001 Ford Super Duty 4×4. it has an automatic tranmission and the worst engine I’ve ever seen. As a trained mechanic in the Marines, I know what a well-built engine sounds like. The first problem I noticed was a distinct rapping sound when the engine is cold. This lasts about 5-10 minutes and It’s loud and on the left bank of the V-8 engine. I’m sure their are many of you Ford truck owners out there that have this problem. It’s not normal and it’s excessive clearance between one or more piston skirts and the cylinder wall. The piston is actually “slapping the side of the cylinder until the piston expands due to heat. I recieved a call from the Ford Motor Company Executive Office and the lady said, ” Our position on your complaint is that your problem is a normal condition.” Being a gentlemen, I politely indicated to this person, I was unsatisfied with that descision. Perhaps I should secure a lawyer to resolve this issue. After several trips to the dealership they gave me the same answer. They stand by the factory. However, the Manager of the repair facility said,” This noise isn’t normal but this is Fords position. I am a disabled Veteran and I waited 23 years to afford such a vehicle. I’m sure others in this country will agree that the Triton V-8 has engine noise if they listen and have a trained ear for this serious condition. The Executive at Ford offered to sell me an extended service plan to “make things better.” Do they really think that we are stupid? They have a machining problem and it’s with the Triton V-8. I’ve seen and heard a V-8 with well over 200k on it sound better than mine. To date, my truck has only 17K on it. The truck is a lemon. Period. Ford doesn’t want to replace all those engines or rebuild them! My 1999 Ford Explorer 4.0 liter V-6 SOHC had the same problem and they replaced two engines until they got it right. Well, thee engines total, what a joke! The SUV is gone! Built Ford Tough? Give me a break, “all you Ford truck owners out there that have the 5.4 engine in your F-250, check it out! Ford put a very sneaky bulletin out there before they were swamped with complaints. Here it is: Some Ford 4.6, 5.4, and V-10 engines may have an engine noise during the warm-up period. This is a normal condition. It will not hurt the durability of the engine or performance. The clearance at the cold start will enable the engine to handle high – loads when the engine is hot. This is basically what the explanation said. Never have I heard such baloney. Since one of Brunswick Fords own salesman expressed his concern about his own F- Series truck noise this is happening to many. Go pick any truck on the new truck lot and chances are that 3-4 out of ten will do it. This was my last resort and I’m tired of getting ripped-off by the large Companies. Especially Ford. Their commercials are so plastic. I do not have the time or energy to force these people to replace my engine and get it right. I am asking for assistance from anyone willing to help. The e-mail addresses of the Ford people are great. However, I talked with the Powertrain Division and the guy had no idea about the problem. B.S. the service bulletin is in every dealership under his charge. Bill Ford was unavailable and he got his executive secretary to handle his problem. She knew zero about mechanical problems. Weak, Mr. Ford! I hope you read this: You probably won’t because your secretary will screen it first! This is the weakest position on a well-documented complaint that I’ve ever experienced. Ripoff Scams, you have a good one here….. Mark Richmond, MaineU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Ford and Ford Dealers

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