Brunswick Topsham Land Trust

Brunswick Topsham Land Trust

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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The Brunswick Topsham Land Trust is a “non profit” public charity in the State of Maine. It has received millions of dollars in gifts of stocks, bonds, wills, estates and charitable donations plus membership fees. This “non profit” also has been a recipient of a federal grant awarded to the State of Maine called the “2018 National Coastal Wetlands Protection Grant”. The Executive Director is an extreme environmentalist named “Angela Twitchell”. She has NOT disclosed where all of these public funds have been spent AND has not posted notices of their upcoming Board of Directors meetings so the general public can attend. Angela Twitchell has also NOT posted any of the approved minutes of their Board,Advisory Council and “land acquisition committee” minutes. What exactly is going on? Answer: BIG BUCKS AND FLIPPING REAL ESTATE FOR A PROFIT TO BENEFIT ANGELA TWITCHELL AND THE BRUNSWICK TOPSHAM LAND TRUST. Here is how Angela Twitchell scams the public: she is one a growing number of what appear to be “local” land trusts in the State of Maine. Maine has become the 2nd highest ranked state in the entire country for private property being transferred in its ownership to “conservation”. Angela Twitchell and the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust target private property they want and refuse to take “no” for an answer. She recruits neighbors in the targeted neighborhood who approach the naive homeowner or business owner. The neighbors do the scouting and recruiting for Twitchell and ask the target to contact Angela Twitchell or the Board President, a retiree and former State Department worker named Brad Babson. They try to convince the private property owner to give away their property – for free – to the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust. They claim the property owner will receive a big federal tax deduction BUT the property owner will LOSE if they agree to this. When this fails (and it often does), Twitchell and Brad Babson try to coerce the private property owner into selling their private property for far below fair market value. Now the neighbors of the targeted property owner will benefit if their neighbors property goes into conservation – their property will increase in value while the “conserved” property goes down in value. In the future, people don’t want to buy “conserved” property so it is harder to attract a new buyer. The next con move if the above doesn’t work is Angela Twitchell and Brad Babson try to convince the homeowner or business owner to sign a conservation easement – a legal document that is permanent and is attached to the real estate. This conservation easement permits the public to use the property which again decreases the value of the private property. When the homeowner refuses to sign a conservatin easement, Twitchell and Brad Babson keep harassing the private property owner through members of their Board, Advisory Council and “volunteer solicitors”. The harassment goes on for months and months including targeting the property owner when they appear to be alone, threatening them, interrupting them when they are enjoying their private propery, tryign to call/email/reach out to them repeatedly and when that fails, recruiting corrupt local and state government officials to get in on it – so they can profit. The Brunswick Police Captain Mark Waltz is a practicing real estate and “non profit” attorney in the exact same town where he works full time days, as a police officer. Mark Waltz runs a solo law firm and a real estate title search company called Casco Bay Title LLC. He has refused to conduct a police investigation of Angela Twitchell and members of the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust Advisory Council who have aggressively harasssed and trespassed a woman in Brunswick. Mark Waltz also has been linked with 2 realtors named Roxanne and Ronald York of Bailey’s Island AND a female attorney in the Bath area who may have been involved in transferring hundreds and hundreds of acres of privately owned property to the Brunswick Tospham Land Trust. The Brunswick Topsham Land Trust may have re-sold or flipped these parcels without public disclosure to a third party included the federal government AT A PROFIT to benefit the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust. Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson has refused to investigate Anglela Twitchell and the Brunswick Tospham Land Trust. So has State of Maine Attorney General Mills. it is not know if these two politicians have recevied political campaign contributions from the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust. The Brunswick Town Manage John Eldridge has refused to bring in an independent investigation consultant for the Brunswick Police Chief Rizzo and Captain Waltz. The Brunswick Town Council has refused to respond and the Chair is an attorney. His name is Benet Pols and it is unknown if he has a business relationship with either Brunswick Police Captain Mark Waltz and/or Casco Bay Title. A second Brunswick Town Council member named Steve Walker is also employed by a land trust that works closely with Angela Twitchell. Angela Twitchell appears to have worked previously with “The Nature Conservancy” a large national land trust that has aggressively targeted property owners in the western states. Twitchell may have also worked previously in northern Maine. She lives in Topsham Maine with her husband Scott Libby, a cabinet maker and their four children. She appears to have been personal friends with a State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife employee named Leon Boucher and may have worked with him before when they both may have worked in northern Maine. it is not known which State of Maine employee filed an electronic federal grant application to fund the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust in 2018 AFTER serious compalints were brought to the attention of State of Maine Commissioner Chandler Woodcock. Don’t trust land trusts. they are ripping off private property owners under the claim of “protecting the environment”.

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