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Published: 20 June 2018

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Months of questions and requests for proof for the deposit of donation funds were met with verbal abuse or went just plain unanswered by Murrieta, California Youtubers Bryan and Missy Lanning. Finally when Youtube donators had enough they came together to get to the bottom of it! They contacted the Non-Profit organization, Oak Meadows Ranch in Wildomar, CA and what they heard on the end of the phone shocked everyone. After receiving donations for months and over triple the time spent requesting for the deposit of funds, both Donators and respected Non-profit foundation, Blue Pearl Project, found out many truths. After a quick chat on the phone it became apparent that not only were funds not received but the non-profit knew nothing about the use of their name for the marketing or collection of funds through the buying of “”Karma Cases””. Karma cases where marketed to viewers in various models and price until the donations were verified to have been donated to the non-profit in Late December and again in January. He told one youtuber “”If you must know we raised over two hundred dollars…””, others he told, “”we raised a TON of money””, and later he told another “”like around about three hundred bucks””. The Ranch was also the location for the filming for Bryan and Melissa Hollister’s online reality show, Daily Bumps. The ranch claims that they signed no consent forms for the filming of any online reality show and had not knowledge of the show until they were called one day. Donator Cassandra had her doubts from the begining, “”Come on now… they videotaped a funeral, for gosh sakes. Them NOT filming something that not only was a good deed but that their viewers cared about and helped make happen, just doesn’t sound quite right. They film EVERYTHING.”” Clearly month and month of inconsistant stories built up and left people frustrated with the situation and lack of oversight. Things only continued to boil when Bryan Lanning said, “”We’re not an official business or anything”” which confused many people. He went on to write, “”Obviously if I had an accountant or financial person they would’ve done it officially and much better I’m sure. I’m not an accountant but I did my best.”” This attempt to sound uplifting while excusing his hevior did not come across well to those waiting for answers. Once dailybumps were contacted by the non-profit to inquire about if funds had been collected in its name, Bryan and Melissa immediately, same day, deposited $300 through paypal with the official dailybumps explanation that $194.88 was from the profits of “”32 iphone cases”” and the remainder was out of pocket. With this he explained the “”send money”” option in Paypal did not work. Bryan Lanning Apologized for filming their “”reality show”” on the Oak Meadows Ranch property without full prior consent and the “”confusion about it””.

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