Bryan Christopher Moon

Bryan Christopher Moon

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Published: 25 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Bryan Christopher Moon at Moon’s Auto Repair is a total scam. If you go get an oil change, then you should be fine, but any repairs to be done would be way over his scope of business. He had my car for over 2 weeks without any repairs made. I had paid him over $1400 for what was quoted to be replacement of a motor with labor included for $2000. After I paid the first amount, he tore the entire engine apart, said he couldn’t get a motor, and it would be another $2500 to repair. This car wasn’t worth the cost. Initially, I said if fixing it would be more than $2000, then I would rather junk it and buy a new car. Whenhe had taken my money and changed the price, I said that I would just rather take it home and park it, it wasn’t worth putting the extra money in and that wasn’t part of our agreement. I was promptly cussed at and told to get off the property. I was given 2 hours to get my car off the property without it running and he still has the keys. Should have listened to the 2 separate people who were burned by him and physically came to the shop to warn that Bryan Christopher Moon is a total scam!

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