Bryan L. Brewer, Kathryn A. Brewer, Monument Collections, Monument Insurance, Trax Financial, Tribute SCAM

Bryan L. Brewer, Kathryn A. Brewer, Monument Collections, Monument Insurance, Trax Financial, Tribute SCAM

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Published: 03 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I and a team of 6 others worked for this outfit for a week and a half. As of Friday, wages are unpaid. Some of us recieived checks on Tuesday, however, the bank would not cash them claiming there was insufficient funds available from the employer. So now this company, the Brewers are looking at bad check charges. The Brewers owe employees who worked for them, tens of thousands of $$$ in unpaid wages. The department of corrections confirmed on Friday that the Brewers had hired inmates for Monument and failed to pay them for an undisclosed amount. Awaiting further details on this week for the amount of umpaid wages. The Orlando Sentinel is following this story and expected to report later this week. Bryan Brewer has also been implicated in multiple cases of fraud with millionaire investors. More to the point, is the manner that the Brewers operated their business. They use “spoof” calls which is illegal and infuriates customers. Parents hear their phone ringing, check the caller ID, it shows a school, or a hospital or even a friend or a doctors office, they immediately answer only to find it is a unsolicted telemarketing call. Nobody likes this and many have filed complaints against Monument and the Brewers for telephone fraud. The Brewers also disregard customers who have demanded to be placed on a Do Not Call List. Again, this is illegal. But they do it anyway. Many employees hired walked away from good paying jobs to work here under the assumption that this was a professional sales job with the opportunityi to earn a high income as much as $100,000 we were told during the interview. We were also told that the previous employess were fired for a lack of production. NOT TRUE. They quit because they were working for several weeks and were never paid. Another issue is the insurance product itself. Monument is a made up name copied off of Monumental Insurance which is a legitimate company with a solid reputation. The Brewers did this deliberately. It gives them credibility. The prices Monument charges are inflated significantly and whether or not insured actually are covered by real insurance is not certain. Several millionaires in the Orlando area have been swindled by Bryon Brewer for millions, one gentleman, a russion named Sergei is owed over $11 million. Last week, a warrant was issued for Mr. Brewers arrest. Owing to the reputation of the Brewers, it is doubtful if insured are covered. Considering multiple impications of fraud by Mr. Brewer, it is doubtful if he could be even issued a insurance licence. Google Bryan Brewer, Orlando and go to for more information. Our purpose with this is to collect on a debt owed to us by the Brewers and to protect other hard working employees, customers and investors from being swindled by these two. They are preying on the Sr. market with insurance selling overpriced insurance that is most likely worthless. They are preying on hard working people who are seeking good opportunities by letting them work ona IOU and then never pay. And they are preying on millionaire investors taking money ostensibly for investments that will yield a high return on their investment, but the Brewers take the money to enhance their lifestyle. They buy multi-million-dollar homes, expensive cars, a bentley, take expensive vacations to Hawaii, the Orient, Europe, Cruises and more and give nothing back to their investors. If you come across them, run, don;t walk away from them They are bad news.

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