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Published: 07 October 2018

Posted by: Patricia Tamaira

Approximately one month ago I subscribed to a trial run of the AdvancedAcai Weight Loss System product. It cost only $6.00 for 3 bottles plus shipping, so I thought it couldn’t do any harm to try it out. I received the goods in the post about 10-days later and began using it. I wasn’t convinced of the efficacy of the pills, so I stopped taking them. I figured I had spent a minimal amount of money, so I wasn’t overly concerned, and I decided I wouldn’t subscribe to the full program. I did not contact the company again. Two days ago, much to my surprise, I received another installment of pills. It was accompanied by an receipt, stating, “We’re glad that you have enjoyed the Advanced Acai Free Trial and have decided to continue a proactive approach to a healthier life. . . . your 30 day supply of the Advanced Acai supplements [has been] billed to you at only $79.95.” I DID NOT subscribe to the full program and I was not informed that by not UNsubscribing, I was agreeing to carry on. It’s a devious case of “sign up by default”! Now that they have my bank account number, this company is fraudulently withdrawing my money–money that I did not authorize them to take. I’m going to deal with this matter as soon as I can by canceling my card–it seems the only thing to do. I feel so silly; I never buy anything online, let alone diet pills! It’s a valuable lesson and I encourage other victims of these scams to be more careful about who you give your bank account details to. Regardless of my mistake, this kind of fraudulent conduct should be made illegal. Makakua, HI

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