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Published: 13 October 2019

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For those who are looking for work in Maryland, especially in the city of Columbia, there is one place you need to stay clear from — this is of importance! Do not be lured by the attractive ad you might have picked up on-line, because this one place; this place that has recieved so many people from all over the United States and other countries since its establishment, has a very unique style of hiring and firing. Please pay attention! This place is called BRYANT WOODS INN, INC. — or another title that the establishment is known by is: BRYANT WOODS INN ASSISTED LIVING. The owner’s name is Richard Colandrea. Richard’s mother, Carmen, also has some involvment in how Bryant Woods Inn, Inc. is operated, for she conducts most of the interviews of those seeking employment, espeically nurses or those who have some background in taking care of the elderly; even those who are licensed to administer medication to the elderly. If you are interviewed by Richard, you are simply going to be doing yard work, small maintenance jobs, and administrative work. Do not think for a minute you will be doing just one job — Richard will make you cook meals for everyone, too! Richard is a gifted, persuasive speaker over the phone; his mother, Carmen, is more mute and to her-self, but she speaks when she needs something — and she can be very impatient. Richard hired me when I was residing in Holland, Michigan. I simply wanted to expand my horizons and seek a different area of residence, and I came across an ad that was appealing — to say the least. I had a few interviews over the phone with Richard. He sounded like he knew what he was looking for in an applicant, and with my vast skill-set of work experience, he wanted me to work for him. In April of 2014, I put in my two-week notice and I moved to Columbia, MD., and I took up residence at Bryant Woods Inn. I worked for Richard for three weeks. I got fired over some petty thing — leaving a broom where it shouldn’t have been placed, yet I had picked it up and put it back at the end of the work day. All but one state — Montana — is an at-will state, which means that you can get fired for any reason or for no reason at all. However, Richard’s hiring practice is simple . . . hire those with good talents and then simply fire them. Why? So that he doesn’t have to claim anyone working for him when he fills out his taxes. Walk into the BB&T Bank in Columbia and ask the bank tellers how many sad faces have walked in trying to cash their checks from Richard. The bank tellers will explain to you how hard it is to cash any checks written by Richard. You have to take the check that he gave you to his bank (no where else), then as a security measure, you can’t cash his check until Richard varifies the check with the bank teller, which requires a bank teller to call the number that’s on the check and try to reach Richard. I was fortunate to be able to cash my check — some are not as fortunate. Some don’t get paid at all. In short, do not work for Bryant Woods Inn, Inc. , unless you simply want to work for three weeks, but expect to get fired either way. .

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