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Published: 11 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered two recliners from Brylane Home online at the beginning of December 2014. Received the chairs within a week. Because I am disabled, I have a handyman I hire to do small jobs for me. When the chairs arrived, I had “Joe” come over. He & a friend took out the sofa (donated to Goodwill) and started to put the chairs together. Only to discover that he only had hardware for one chair. So there I was, the week before Christmas with no couch and only one chair. After the holidays, I was ill and didnt get a chance to call Brylane until January 12th. I spoke to “Jackie” who assured me that they would mail the hardware package to me. Two weeks later I finally got the package. called Joe again and had him come over to get the chair put together. Only to find that the hardware package only included the screws. Not the plates needed to make the chairs work. Now I have paid the guy twice to come over and put a chair together that still couldn’t be done. Called Brylane again the afternoon of February 10th. First talked to “Daniel”who informed me that it was my fault for not specifying the parts I wanted because after all “hardware” only includes screws. Really? Anyways, he said they would send the plates. Then I said I would like Brylane to credit my account $20 to reimburse me for the lack of use of the chair from the time they charged me for it u til I am finally able to get it put together, plus the fact that I would now have to pay a third time to have someone come over to put the chair together. He refused and said they couldn’t do that. I asked to speak to a supervisor. “Caeser” gets on the phone. And informs me that Brylane’s only obligation is to provide the parts. It is not their concern that I can’t put the chair together myself. Doesn’t matter that they screwed up and didnt send all the parts, they were not going to give me a credit. Period. He was extremely rude, talked over me where I ended up yelling trying to get him to listen to me and when I kept telling him that this was all Brylan’s fault therefore their reposibility to pick up the check, he simpy dug in his heels and refused to budge. Ti believe I was being more than reasonable in asking for a measely $20 credit for all the hassle, inconvenience andextra expense that Brylane caused by not sending the correct parts in the first place. For them to take such a firm stance was unbelievable. I fully realize that this is not a life-shaking event. But for a person who is living on disability, a moderate and fixed income, it is a major hassle and every $20 is $20 I can’t use for medicine or utilities. I don’t expect alot of sypathy or action, I simply want to get the word out that Brylane’s customer service is horrendous. Oh. And the chairs aren’t that great either. .

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