Buchalter, Jason E. Goldstein

Buchalter, Jason E. Goldstein

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Published: 17 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

First of all, if success in prevailing in a civil suit is based strictly on procedural efforts, Jason is your man. His website listed events of success are limited to procedural efforts that require little actual skill, they simply require court filing and efforts from a distance. Itu2019s interesting how his website claims makes claims of specializing in concluding cases prior to trial, presumably to save clients money. This is a total sales pitch, shared by the entire legal community, with the sole intention of deceptively attempting to distinguish himself from his peers. The absolute fact is that ALL attorneys prefer to succeed, WITHOUT having to try their case. Itu2019s a sales pitch, not an indicator of his legal prowess. Secondly, if your case requires any personal interaction to succeed, specifically meeting with an attorney to review your evidence and research, forget about attorney Goldstein. He is too lazy to meet, even for ten minutes, choosing only to view court document and court records from the comfort of his office. If you need a trial lawyer, or expect to win based on evidence, youu2019d me much better off with ANY other lawyer, perhaps even a brand new state bar member. Jason lacks any degree of enthusiasm, commitment, or effort. Consider yourselves warned.

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