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Published: 24 September 2018

Posted by: Reviewer52557

About 4 months ago, I booked a car through rentalcars.com. I found a minivan for only 339$ for 13 days. Yesterday, my husband read the yelp.com reviews on Buchbinder, the car company we were to use, the rating was only 1.5 stars and over 50 reviews. All complained of the exact same thing. Apparently, you can only use a gold/platinum Mastercard or Canadian Visa Card. Only these cards are accepted for their rental car insurance. They were also charging people 460 euros to purchase their rental car insurance if you didn”t have these cards. On top of that, when the cars were returned, many claimed that they tried to keep their deposit for minor damage that was on the vehicle. The area where you pick up your car is dark and and the area where you turn it in is bright. After reading all these poor reviews, I decided to call rentalcars.com to cancel my reservation. I spoke to Robert there who decided to attempt to reconcile this. He called Buchbinder for me and spoke to “Outay Garaboski” who stated as long as we bring in a credit card that had raised numbers and name, it would be accepted. I specifically said we will bring in a Chase Sapphire preferred Visa card and he said it would be accepted as long the numbers and letters are raised which they are. My husband went to Buchbinder today to pick up our minivan and they refused to accept his card! When my husband stated we called and talked to Outay Garaboski yesterday who said it would be fine, their representative stated there”s no one of that name! All Rentalcars.com would do was refund our reservation amount. I decided to call rentalcars.com to see if they could help us out since Robert stated we wouldn”t have a problem in the first place. The representative I talked to said his colleague who was on the phone with my husband at the time was calling their suppliers now to get another vehicle and that I should call back to see their findings. My husband said his representative from Rentalcars.com did not mention anything about finding another car. I called rentalcars.com again to see what their findings were, hoping that they”d find another company who had a minivan for us at a similar price of $339 since they said they were calling their suppliers. This time, I got “Shakeel” who basically reiterated the problem and said they”ve done all they could do. He also said nobody was calling anybody to help us get another car! Basically, they were lying to me to just to get me off the phone and out of their hair. He then suggested that I walk around the terminal and find another car rental company that would accept my credit card! I couldn”t believe my ears! Isn”t that what rentalcars.com is for? Sure, I can walk around and find another car company but at triple the price then what was promised! The least rentalcars.com could do was find another company who could rent out a minivan at the same or similar price. Instead, they refused to help! He said there are 25 other employees there and nobody was going to call and find me another vehicle. What in the world are these 25 employees doing there, then? I applaud Robert for at least trying to help me and call Buchbinder to find a solution. He even said Buchbinder was one of his favorite companies to work with. He stated I wouldn”t have a problem with my card as long as it”s raised. I understand problems arise as we are all human and this was a fluke, but how you solve the problem can be more revealing. What rentalcars.com did was throw their hands in the air and told me to find another company myself. This company needs to revamp their entire customer service team and protocols. This was utterly unacceptable. When Shakeel refused to help me find another car, I asked for his name and stated I would find every review site I could find and post this experience. He even spelled his name for me so I could! I”m hoping someone investigates this awful company. They have ripped off so many at the Frankfurt airport.

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