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Published: 04 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Yes I have been scammed by Buck Wild Towing Services by over 1000 plus dollars. On November 27, 2016 I was traveling to Woodbury New York when my car (2002 Volkswagen jetta) over heated on the I-87 north way I was approximately 62 miles from my home. The New York Suffern police dispatched a towing company who towed me and my two passengers and my vehicle to a repair shop in Highland Mills New York called McKenzie Motors I paid the towing company 178 dollars to tow my vehicle off the road to their shop on 497 Route 32 Highland Mills New York. There was no problem with this transaction. But now it was approximately 4 oclock in the morning and I wanted to tow my vehicle home. Due to high volumes of calls McKenzie Motors received that night they could not tow my vehicle to my home. I was advised by my insurance company about Buck Wild Towing who was willing to tow my vehicle home. The driver advised me he would tow my vehicle for 6.75 dollars per mile and would not charge for any hookup fees. I agreed. When the towing company arrived the gentlemen already had a passenger in his vehicle focusing me to take the Amtrak home at 441 am with my company. I gave the gentlemen THREE phone numbers to contact so there was no miscommunication. I forward the gentlemen my number, my friends number and my fathers phone number who was anxiously waiting for my vehicle alongside my mother my mom sat in front the front door for the whole night waiting the tow trunks arrival. After one hour of being on the train I started constantly calling the gentlemen who was towing my vehicle my friend also did the same no response. I reached New York City in about two hours I give the gentlemen many phone calls again same results no answer we had called the gentlemen about 10-15 times in a two hour span (phone records to prove). I quickly called my parents who were glued to the front door they said no one had arrived yet I figured they would arrive at about 8:00 am because they took off from Suffern New York and at 4:30 am and there was extreme amounts of traffic due to the black Friday sales and you can only go about 50mph when your towing a vehicle. Sadly the tow company set me up and said they came to my location, knocked on my door (I have a door bell) and called me numerous times which is a complete lie from top to bottom. I have multiple reasons proving this is a lie. One I printed out all phone records of the numbers they said they called. There are no records indicating incoming of calls from no one in their entire business. Two Buck Wild said they arrive at 8:00 am I called them AT 7:54 am when already had arrived HOME. 3 you can see the 10 + calls me and my friend gave Buck Wild during the course of the night that all were not responded. 4 the Buck wild management will not answer how the house they came to looked on the outside they wont even tell me if it was a housing complex, apartment etc. I have many other reason proving buck wild is just pulling a huge scam over me but Im trying keep this as brief as possible. The towing company keeps my car in their business in Suffern New York and charged me a bunch of outrages fees bringing the grand total of 1500 hundred dollars to get my vehicle back plus I had to go PICK UP the vehicle from their business. Constantly refusing to negotiate saying we were wasting their time one gentlemen told my mom just bring the cash lady thats it. The process honestly felt like they were holding my vehicle ransom. They did not want to take no credit or checks because in their mind they knew we could cancel their fraud fees . Buck Wild were extremely disrespectful with me my mom and my dad. The New York City police department advised to go pick up the vehicle as soon as possible due to the harm they might cause to the vehicle and report it to your company as soon as possible. Buck Wild was closed the next day which was Saturday and Sunday November 28, 29. My mother and father had to take a day off from work to go upstate with a towing company and get the vehicle on November 30, 2016 they even charged me storage fees on days their business were closed! On the other hand to tow a vehicle for 6.75 a mile for about 64 miles this comes to about 400-500 hundred dollars. Its impossible for it to exceed 600 dollars. In conclusion after many attempts to negotiate with Buck Wild towing services my parent ended up having to take money out their savings and go to Suffern New York to pay this amount (1500). We are middle class people this put my family in debt. What buck wild towing did to me was extremely wrong and not ethical.

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