Bucks County Assistance Office, BCAO, DPW, Clarissa Evans, James Lair, James M. Lair, Mrs. Evans, Ms. Evans, Pennsylvania Department of Wefare, OIG, Office of the Inspector General

Bucks County Assistance Office, BCAO, DPW, Clarissa Evans, James Lair, James M. Lair, Mrs. Evans, Ms. Evans, Pennsylvania Department of Wefare, OIG, Office of the Inspector General

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Published: 16 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I want to report Abuse, Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement, Dishonesty and Deception within the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The Bucks County Assistance Office. Let me begin by saying that during my times of Financial hardship I have never been accused of fraud in applying for State Assistance. And during these times of Financial Hardships, I have never misrepresented myself in any way, shape or form or falsified information in order to obtain State Aid to which I was not Entitled. January 5, 2010, I resided in Bucks County to receive Medical Treatment that could only be found in Philadelphia. I was on Medical Assistance at the time. We had to perform an Inner County transfer. I was then advised by Ms. Grahm through intake at the BCAO that in order to receive State Assistance, I was to cancel the Transfer and to file a new Application which would “Speed up the process.” because I needed to be under the care of many Doctors. My household qualified for Aid as was shown in the tax returns, shown per request by intake at the BCAO along with pay stubs, invoices, and Banking Statements which were sent via Fax, mail, and going directly into the BCAO. I also had to provide my Medical records to show that I was unable to work. I was involved in a terrible accident which had left me severely Disabled unable to provide a desperately needed second income. I was also advised to notify the BCAO of any changes in my household which were reported in which I or my husband did, no matter how small the change. I followed every Instruction given to me by the employees of the BCAO. The abuse began with my former Case Worker, Clarissa Evans who would often ask me questions then interrupt me by asking me another question leaving me many times unable to answer or to even speak, speaking over me. At times, Clarissa Evans became aggressive with me without any provocation on my behalf and at one point yelled at me. I then had to cease all Communications with Clarissa Evans because I could no longer Tolerate her behaviors. I did not deserve what that miserable woman was dishing out! This is when my husband took over in speaking to her in which she couldn’t have been any sweeter! Like a light Switch! When my husband sustained an Injury tearing his Meniscus Ligament, he was unable to work. He was out of work for over six weeks unable to take on any jobs. I reported this to Clarissa Evans and this is PRECISELY when she cried Fraud. Right towards the end of March of 2010. An Investigator came to our Apartment in which both my husband and I spoke to him, showed him everything that we provided the BCAO and then he questioned why he was even there to begin with. I was dumbfounded! It is my Firm belief that because of the Discord between Clarissa Evans and I, because I reported her behavior to Joanne Glover of the DPW that Clarissa Evans took it upon herself to behave like some kind of De mi God feeling in control in what we were receiving to get by. Our household was still struggling and both my husband and I both faced the unknown because now, we had not one penny to our name. I then has to swallow my pride and ask my parents to help us Financially in which my parents had to sign a Form sent directly from the BCAO to show that they did help us with money to pay rent and utilities and for food. The LETTERS sent to me from the Director of the DPW, Joanne Glover assured me that we were in fact entitled to our benefits, my issues would be addressed accordingly but they never were and Clarissa Evans still treated me poorly if I had to speak with her in which I dreaded. Do not bother asking for another Case worker either. I was denied in that request by Mr. Delmoore. I moved back home on November 6, 2010. Everything was back on track My husband found work that provided insurance and we couldn’t have been happier. Unbeknownst to me on July 17, 2012, I was being charged with one count of providing false information to obtain food stamps from the Months of March to July. I had found out through some random letter sent to me by some random Lawyer who practiced Law in Bucks County. I was so beside myself, I could not believe what I was reading so I had made some inquiries and found that I was in fact being charged and the person behind this? James M. Lair an Investigator of the Office of Inspector General (OIG). When I contacted James Lair he had told me that I was going to be formally charged that there was an Over issuance of Assistance funds during the months of March to July. That I lied about where my husband was working. Can I thank Clarissa Evans for this? Why I asked because I did nothing wrong, I gave Clarissa Evans everything that she needed and I know that we most certainly qualified. In March and in April, we had no income because my husband sustained an injury which prevented him from working. Those very same months that James M. Lair questioned and was so sure of. It also became very apparent that this James Lair didn’t want to hear anything that I had to say on the phone. He asked me to come into his Office to talk but being nearly 5 hours away, disabled, my husband beginning a new job, and ongoing Medical Treatments, I could not come in at his request, that I could come and see him in about 3-4 weeks allowing my husband to give his new Employer ample time to take off to go to his Office and to allow me to recover from some Medical treatments that I had received. My medical treatments are bad enough and I do suffer but added this fuel to my fire made the entire ordeal sickening! No one cared that I was sick. They just wanted some head served up on some silver platter and James M. Lair was more than happy to do this. I offered to send James Lair every Document that I had to show my Innocence. He declined to view my Burden of Proof and proceed to file this Erroneous Charge against me anyway. It is also my firm belief that if he had only taken the time to review the Documents that I had, James Lair would have never proceed to file said charge. If that was not the case, James Lair was on some sort of Witch hunt or needed to meet a Quota but what ever it was, the charge was unfounded, unwarranted and it felt like I was talking to a wall much like with Clarissa Evans. Mindless in wasting not only my time but the abusing the Court System in ways. So which one was it James Lair? It is my firm belief that Clarissa Evans Tampered with my file and lied to James Lair to make this all unfold. Where are the Documents to show that we qualified Clarissa Evans? I believe that the Threshold would be below $30,000.00 per year for a family of five but you are more than welcome to correct me on those numbers with a rebuttal. On the Tax returns for 2009, my husband only grossed under $20,000.00 Dollars for a Family of Five, factoring in Household expenses, Rent, Utilities, Etc. which was provided to you and to your supervisor, Mr. Delmoore at the time of renewal which is clearly shown in a fax that is time stamped and dated. In filing for 2010, the same amount but never had a problem reapplying in our County of Residence. Our new Case worker couldn’t have been more kind. Something that you cannot be Clarissa Evans. Since I did not have funds to hire Legal Counsel, my husband and I both had to go back to Bucks County to show my Innocence but I never got to. The reason why? I was never in a Court room setting before having to defend myself, I had to ask the questions that a Lawyer should have done. I had to defend myself and rightfully so, it was game time. In remembering mostly everything that had happened to me in those ten months living in Bucks County with two large folders resembling novels, I had saved 99% of every document exchanged between myself and the BCAO. I WAS ARMED TO THE TEETH! The setting took place in the Court of Judge Joanne Kline. I must admit though that I was a little confused at first and it surely had to upset the Judge some but I expected that. But when I heard the lies beginning to spew from the other side, all the memories flooded back in faster than I could speak, I began interrupting some questions and answers with Objections because the charge that James Lair said that I had committed was, I did not disclose one company that my husband worked for when he was working for two. The Judge had to remind me to ask my questions when allowed in which I had to bite my tongue HARD! But what James Lair did not know was that the two Companies were both in fact one Company, one Entity and I had the proof in my hands. As my hearing proceeded, I was granted to ask questions. Why was I asked to cancel the Inner County Transfer and some other irrelevant questions that were again, in my folders. When Clarissa Evans took the Stand, she took the Oath to speak the Truth then sat down, smiling. When I began to question her, some questions were considered Objective but mostly I kept asking her questions in which one question was, Ms. Evans, did you ever speak to my husband? Her response nearly had me jump out of my chair. No, I never spoke to your husband. That is when I knew that something was clearly amiss. I then asked Ms. Evans if she remembered when I had reported my husband’s injury? This is when the Judge HALTED the proceedings leaving me feeling deflated. The Judge then came over to my table, asked me to sign some Documents so this could be sent to another Court. It was my belief that she did not want to deal with this Drama because the Judge stated, why was I not told of her Husband’s Injury? Apparently, Clarissa Evans never notified James Lair that my husband got injured during the Months that were in the charge against me. And if she did tell Mr. Lair, it was most certainly not in his discovery. Did he neglect to conveniently leave that part out? One or the other, you decide. Now, we have a Case worker who Perjured herself in a Court of Law, lied to the Judge but an Investigator who came into the Court of Law with dirty hands and I never got to show any of my proof to the Judge. With what I had, it totally contradicted this charge and the Judge would have thrown it out. Another Court date was set and I was ready to go! This time, I knew that I needed a Public Defender. I sent her all of my documentation and we were in Court again. I also took the Liberty in obtaining phone records of my husband and I from 2010 which shows that not only did my husband speak to Clarissa Evans but Clarissa Evans called my husband so let the records show once again that Clarissa Evans lied to a Judge and to everyone who was under this belief that I did something wrong… As I watched the proceedings before me which was most interesting indeed, I finally heard my name being called. The Judge spoke out, the other side spoke, we are dropping the Charge. But the upsetting part was it was like a big Joke amongst all of them with the Judge stating that he’d bet that the other side didn’t like to do that? I was free to go but again not being able to reveal the truth to this all. The bottom line here is that my husband was self employed, our household had no Medical Coverage and we needed to rely on assistance for both food and medical. Since he was only paid upon completion of a job, this proved especially difficult when he would have to turn down jobs to take me to get Medical Treatment or when he had injured himself but Clarissa Evans never understood this concept that my husband was not paid by the hour or an annual Salary like her, but paid upon completion of a job with James Lair hanging on words of a very bad woman who couldn’t have been more Deceptive, Mean, Cruel….. James Lair who could have cared less that perhaps he was being misled himself. How many people were affected in this way being wrongly accused by two people who work for the State? These are people of supposed Trust. We, who are applying for Assistance should be treated with Dignity and if not that, Civility. Something that both James Lair and Clarissa Evans lacked so how are we supposed to place our trust in them or even in the “System” for that matter? We, as a people count on James Lair and Clarissa Evans but it was a total let down in which they both caused more damage than good. And they are supposed to help the people and we pay them for this? Certainly not in my eyes because what they both did was wrong and criminal in Nature! I will not be Punished for speaking out against two Individuals who I know abused the system as I watched it all unfold in front of me. This is my Right as a concerned Citizen of this State to report such actions and to let the Public know what happened. If Clarissa Evans and James Lair were this lax in treating me in this way, it is my firm belief that they have done this to others who perhaps were not as Vocal as I but I was not about to let her get away with her treating me like this. This is why I am writing this now, in hopes that justice will be served! SO SPEAK UP! ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN UNJUSTLY ACCUSED OF WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO ME, PLEASE BE VOCAL AND STOP THIS VICIOUS CYCLE!!! AND ONCE MORE, I WILL NOT BE PUNISHED FOR SPEAKING OUT BECAUSE WHAT I HAVE STATED ABOVE IS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING LESS OF.

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