Bucky Larue, Inc.

Bucky Larue, Inc.

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Published: 10 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We came across Larry Clark Larue throughout a network called blue book we were scammed and ripped dry he is blaming our company for his delinquency and delays of projects as subcontractors by Law if payments are not being met we have full authority on stopping projects and can not be treathend by General contractors. | This guy Called Larry Larue is a complete scammer he used our services then send us a letter of termination blaming our company for his faults on delivering projects late that put Our company in Bad standards. | Also he Put Brad warner as his mediator wich told us to stay away from him because he did work for larry clark also known as Bucky would go ghost and on vacations with the subcontractors percents he would only payed 20 percent then send out letters of termination to companys like ours wich is now involved with a delinquent like him. | when he had 3 other companys working on the same project our company did all of the run around getting material to the project that was never there. also doing adjustments with things that were not accurate to get things done. | this Guy is a Fraud dont Put your company in front of this Guy we would be nice use you for what he needs then terminates you than blame your company for the delays for his delinquent acts BUCKY LARUE INC is a Fraudulent General Contractor that runs once he gets your money.

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