Budget Brakes in Huntsville, Al

Budget Brakes in Huntsville, Al

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Published: 30 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I took my car into Budget Brakes in 12/09. I was squealing when I stopped. not much but annoying to me. After they inspected the car, they came and got me. They stated that I needed new rotors and pads front and back. They quoted me $550+. I said ok. Feb 2010, I am squealing again. I take my car back to Budget brakes. They stated it had been less than 3000 miles since they replaced the brakes and I needed to upgrade to ceramic. What! After spending almost $600 with you, I have to dish out more money. I declined and so they buffed the pads. Two days later, squesling when I stop. Same issue I took my car in for but now worse. I take my car to another brake place. They stated the brakes are cheap, not costing more than $30 a set. I called the 615 number on the receipt I was given at Budget. Left a message but no return call. Something needs to be done. If I have to shell out more money for something that is sounding worser that than when I took it in, then someone needs to refund me some of my money back. This is ridiculous. My husband feels I was taken because I am a woman. I’m not being quiet about this though. I want justice!

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