Budget Brakes Pensacola,Florida

Budget Brakes Pensacola,Florida

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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Last Thursday,February 3,2018 I went into your business at 4709 Mobile Highway Pensacola,Florida 32506 to have the Front brake pads on my 2006 Toyota Camry LE replaced, because when I had it serviced at our local Firestone store they said that the front pads had about 30% of the pads left and would need to be replaced in the relative near future. I purchased the car new in 2006 and it had 73724 miles on it when I can to your store. The reason I chose your business was that I had received a flyer with discount coupons either in the mail on with my newspaper. The mechanic who worked on my car was named Brandon Dunivin. When he finished with my car and gave me the bill he had charged me 29.50 extra for some things that I hadn’t asked for, or authorized, specifically clean and adjust the rear brake shoes and drums. When I pointed it out to him his response was that he thought that I would have wanted it done. When I told him that I might have if he had asked first since I was in the stores waiting room. He was obviously unhappy with my response and said that he would take it off of my bill, which he did. Today February 9, 2018 I took my car back because it took more pressure on the brake pedal to stop the car than it did before they worked on it, and the pedal was still going down to the level it did before the new pads were installed. I spoke to Brandon and explained the situation. He said that was because the brake pads had not seated yet and would take between 1000 to 2000 miles to seat, then the car would stop easier, and the brake pedal would come up higher. I explained to him that in my younger years (I’m 69) I had built Race Cars and replaced many a brake pads ,brakes shoes roters, and drums and had never known it to be that way. He road tested it and said it was fine, he then had the store manager come speak with me. The store manager said the same thing as Brandon but with a new twist. He said since the rear brakes weren’t cleaned and adjusted that was why my pedal was low and the car hard to stop. I explained to him that Brandon said he did adjust and clean the rear brakes, the manager said ” I don’t believe that! ” I asked him if he thought I was lieing and he said ” I didn’t say that, I just don’t believe it”. I told him that I’m 69 years old and didn’t to lie. Brandon came in and the manager asked him about it and Brandon said I was correct. At that time the manager got hostile and said since it was obvious that he couldn’t make me happy he would refund my money and that I would get a refund in the mail. Now after having said all that There were several other people in the waiting room. One was a customer who had just had his car repaired there, Mr. Paul Welford phone number (850)-356-1834 who came over to me and gave me his card and phone number and said you could call him to confirm how both of your employees spoke to me in such a disrespectful manner. He did this on his own. I didn’t ask for it. One of the other people walked out saying they were going some place else because they didn’t like the way your employees spoke or did business. I am an honest person who doesn’t want anything for free, BUT if I pay for something I want it to be right and not receive a bunch of baloney, hard time or insults. I have a very good reputation here in Pensacola. I Work for the State of Florida as a Government Operations Consultant, I’m a former County Commissioner, Retired Florida Highway Patrolman, and Ambassador for the Pensacola Chamber of commerce. I honor my name and integrity and will not allow anyone besmirch or impugn it.

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